7 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Cat

You love your cat. Of course you do – your cat is the most awesome being that ever graced this planet! Here are seven signs that you might not just love the kitty…you might be slightly obsessed. But hey, we can’t blame you!

1. The Sheer Volume of Cat Photos on Your Phone

You have more photos of your cat on your phone than you have of your kids, your significant other, and yourself. In fact, on the rare occasion you do take a selfie, you include your cat! Of course, you’ve taken all the pictures using a phone with a custom cover that has your cat’s photo on it.

2. You Can’t Sleep Unless the Cat is in Bed

Obviously, your cat has her own fancy cat bed, but you prefer that she sleeps with you every night. Even if kitty insists on sleeping on your pillow – or directly on your face – there’s something soothing about that purring. Like some people who insist they can’t sleep without a fan going, you can’t sleep until your cuddly ball of fur is snuggled soundly against you in the bed…with your cat-themed bedding and custom blanket with your cat’s photo printed on it.

3. You Celebrate Holidays & Birthdays with Your Cat

You know your cat’s exact birthdate (or, if he’s a rescue, you know his “Gotcha Day”) and you shower him with gift-wrapped catnip toys and his favorite treats every year to celebrate. Your kitty also goes to see Santa before Christmas, and you have the tiny Santa hat and the photo to prove it. USA, LLC

4. Your Cat Has His Own Facebook Page

…or Twitter Account, or Instagram Page. Or if you’ve ever Skyped your cat while you were out of town. Yes, you might be obsessed. Or, you’ve installed a wifi camera so you can check in on (and talk to) your cat while you’re away from home. What good is technology, if you can’t use it to obsess over your cat?

5. You Have Your Cat’s Portrait on the Wall

Forget landscapes and florals. Your cat is the most beautiful art that ever existed! You’ve commissioned an original custom oil painting of your cat to hang on your wall.

6. You Take Better Care of Your Cat Than Yourself

You can’t remember the last time you had a checkup, but your feline best friend visits the veterinarian regularly, eats only the very best food, and you wouldn’t dare put her in harm’s way!

7. You Don’t Call Them Pets – They’re Your Children

Your cat isn’t an “it” or a “pet” – your cat is your child, your fur baby, a fuzzy, four-legged family member. Everyone should be so lucky to have a cat to call their own!

What other things do you do that others might find slightly ‘obsessive’? Tell us! …and don’t worry – we think it’s completely justified!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Patricia

    Nov 13, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    Have you heard of thread painting? (It’s a form of very fine embroidery.) I’m planning to attempt to thread paint photos of my cats (past and present). Do you think I’m a little obsessed with my babies? Fortunately I never had kids so they are not being overshadowed by my furry kids.

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