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“Why can’t cats live as long as humans?” 

This lament is often heard when a beloved feline companion dies. In those times of grief, we may find a sliver of comfort by remembering that cats feel the passage of time very differently than we do. We perceive time through our human filter, but cats and other animals live every day in the moment, unencumbered by knowledge of their own mortality. 

Cats experience a full life, whether it lasts one year or twenty. If you share your life with cats, it is likely that you’ll witness several cat lifetimes during your one human life.

What can humans learn from this? 

  • Cats teach us how precious life is, and remind us how blessed we are to be alive
  • Cats teach us to love and care for another being, with no expectation of reward except the satisfaction of providing a good life
  • Cats teach us to grieve deeply, yet survive and move on
  • Cats teach us that we can love again after an unbearable loss
  • Cats teach us that the end of earthly life can be a peaceful transition

You will suffer great pain when a cat that you love dies. But as you grieve, allow yourself the grace and spiritual healing that comes from knowing that you provided your companion with the very best life you could. Take comfort in knowing that your cat didn’t feel cheated by the length of their lives. They lived every day to the fullest, safe and warm under your care, and basking in the glow of your love. 

The greatest gift you can give your departed companion is to keep the cycle going by loving and caring for another cat when the time is right.

By Anthony and Amanda Bennie © 2022 Anthony and Amanda are the Founders of Clear Conscience Pet

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