Pet Peeves: 3 Things Every Cat Truly Hates


There are approximately 89 million pet cats in the United States. It’s no surprise – cats make wonderful companions! They’re adorable, hilarious, entertaining, and relatively low-maintenance. That said, those of us who are ‘owned by cats’ also know they can be quite particular, and they each have their own unique set of likes and dislikes. There are a few things, however, that just about every cat hates. Here are our top 3 kitty cat pet peeves.

1. Dirty Litter Boxes

Cats absolutely despise dirty litter boxes! So much, in fact, that if the box isn’t up to their standards they will seek out alternative places to “do their business.” It’s not surprising when you consider that a cat’s sense of smell is 14 times greater than yours! So even a litter box that smells okay to you may smell downright awful to your very sensitive kitty.

Think about how much you despise entering a dirty port-o-potty. That’s how cats feel about dirty litter boxes! They should be scooped a minimum of once a day, and litter should be fully changed and boxes sanitized every two to three weeks (and more often if you have more cats).

2. Taking Medicine

There comes a point in most cat parents’ lives that you’ll have to medicate your kitty for one reason or another. Maybe she has an upper respiratory infection and needs antibiotics or she has reached her senior years and is looking at long-term daily medication to improve her quality of life. Whatever the case may be, most cats absolutely hate taking pills and don’t make the task easy for their well-meaning humans!

Have you ever tried giving your cat a pill, only to have him spit it back in your face? Or, had your cat foam at the mouth because the pill tasted so bad? Not only that, dry swallowing pills is actually not healthy for cats. A 2001 study proved that 84% of capsules and 64% of tablets remain in the pet’s esophagus rather than being completely swallowed. This can cause severe irritation and esophagitis.

Fortunately, there are products available that make medicating our cats a heck of a lot easier these days. You can hide the pills in treats, like Pill Pockets or Pill Masker. Or if your cat is like mine and doesn’t fall for your trickery, check out How to Give a Cat a Pill.

3. Loud Noises & Commotion

It’s common knowledge that many dogs are stressed out by fireworks, but a lot of cats are confused and afraid of the noises, too. For this reason, 4th of July and New Year’s Day can be the most dreaded time of year for cat parents. Many cats (including one of mine) are petrified of loud thunderstorms and some are even afraid of the noise from parties, family arguments, or a TV commercial that blares too loudly.

For especially nervous kitties, it can be very helpful to give them one of the many remedies for stress relief like Bach’s Rescue Remedy, use Feliway plugins throughout your home or try the Thundershirt for Cats during storms and holidays when you know there’s going to be a lot of stress-inducing noise.

What is your cat’s biggest pet peeve? Tell us!

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