5 Weird Cat Behaviors: Explained by Science!

Weird Cat Behavior 1: Cats Hate Baths

shutterstock_600836063-minIt’s no secret that most pet cats despise getting wet. But why? According to Kelley Bollen, director of behavior programs for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, Perhaps it’s because a cat’s fur takes so long to dry, and cats don’t like being sopping wet while they wait to dry off. Or maybe it’s because they prefer to have their paws firmly planted on the ground and don’t like the sensation of floating.

Weird Cat Behavior 2: Cats Stretch All The Time

shutterstock_580483414-minIt seems like every time your cat stands up, he or she has to take a moment to really stretch every muscle before moving. Cats largely stretch for the same reason you and I do – because it feels really good! …and to get the blood flowing.

Weird Cat Behavior 3: Cats Bury Their Poop

shutterstock_287349680-minMost cats dig around in the litter box and bury their poop (casually kicking litter all over the floor while they’re at it!). So, what’s the reason for this bizarre ritual? Science suggests this is a precautionary measure. In the wild, predators can smell cat urine and feces, so they bury it to keep their locations hidden. This is just a practice that didn’t completely go away when our furriest friends became domesticated.

Weird Cat Behavior 4: Cats Knead With Their Paws

shutterstock_484999786-minWe lovingly call it, “making biscuits,” and it turns out that scientists aren’t entirely sure why your cat likes to knead on you, your pillow, or your favorite blanket with his paws! …but they do have a few theories. The most common thought is that it’s a leftover behavior from kittenhood, when the cat would knead on his mother to stimulate the flow of milk.

Weird Cat Behavior 5: Cats Give Headbutts

shutterstock_123158284-minIf a human were to walk up to you and slam his forehead into yours, it would generally be a bad thing – and probably lead to a fight! However, when your cat does it to you, it means something entirely different.

The technical term for what your cat is doing when he bonks you on the head with his own is bunting. Bunting includes head-cracking and also rubbing themselves against your legs. They do this for a few reasons – to communicate (“Hi, how are you!”), to leave their scent on you, or because they want to be petted.

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