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Anyone Recognize this Cat Thief Caught on Camera?

Photo: Elizabeth Sides, KGW

Photo: Elizabeth Sides, KGW

Sevi the cat disappeared from her Newberg, Oregon home last week. Her owner, Elizabeth Sides, thought a coyote had gotten the 1-and-a-half-year-old Ragamuffin kitty, but wanted closure, so she turned to her surveillance camera to be sure.

What she saw left her utterly shocked.

A woman pulls into her driveway, parks her car, and then can be seen (at around the 1-minute mark) on camera talking to Sevi, petting her, and then – putting her in the backseat of her car and driving away!

Sides posted the video on Facebook Monday afternoon and pleaded for help identifying the thief. She said, “We just want our baby girl back. I can’t stop crying.”

In an interview with KGW, Sides said,

“Who does that? It gave me hope that she wasn’t attacked, but she needs to be home. What this woman did was wrong. Sevi doesn’t know anything but this area. This is her world. It was wrong of her to take her.”

Sides said she filed a police report. Anyone with information should call Newberg police at (503) 538-8321.



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