Dalriada McPherson

Dalriada McPherson

Dalriada McPherson is the pen name of Yoninah The Cat, an ordinary-looking tabby who lives in Sheffield in the UK. No one knows how old she is because, when she was retrieved from a Cat Shelter, they put her age at somewhere between 3 and 11. She can't remember a time when she didn't want to enter the literary world but that was never realised until she began living with her current staff, Lee and Kath Smith, who made available a Windows 7 Laptop during the night when she found inspiration. She hopes to, one day, take a course at a local College to develop her natural writing ability but, so far, no place near her home can accommodate her sleep pattern of 23 hours a day. She enjoys tuna-based tins of cat food, pastrami and freshly-cooked chicken. And tuna. Preferably in brine. She is agoraphobic and has always hated going outdoors - except to the vets. Her hobbies include sleeping on her staff's head during the night, eating tuna and pastrami, pushing her staff off where they're sitting to sleep on a warm patch, eating tuna and pastrami and flicking cat litter as far away as possible from the litter box.

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Just when this dog-eat-dog world has handed you all the poop you can take, it's time to walk the dog. Or wash the dog. Or feed the dog. You get the idea. So welcome to the world of easy-to-care-for cats. Entertainment comes bundled in a furry, huggable, self-cleaning cat who won't beg for your food. In his eyes, you don't eat well enough anyway. Just keep a laser pen handy, sit back and wait for the fun to begin! Cats...ya gotta love 'em.

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