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    Dalriada McPherson is the pen name of Yoninah The Cat, an ordinary-looking tabby who lives in Sheffield in the UK.No one knows how old she is because, when she was retrieved from a Cat Shelter, they put her age at somewhere between 3 and 11.She can't remember a time when she didn't want to enter the literary world but that was never realised until she began living with her current staff, Lee and Kath Smith, who made available a Windows 7 Laptop during the night when she found inspiration.She hopes to, one day, take a course at a local College to develop her natural writing ability but, so far, no place near her home can accommodate her sleep pattern of 23 hours a day.She enjoys tuna-based tins of cat food, pastrami and freshly-cooked chicken. And tuna. Preferably in brine. She is agoraphobic and has always hated going outdoors - except to the vets.Her hobbies include sleeping on her staff's head during the night, eating tuna and pastrami, pushing her staff off where they're sitting to sleep on a warm patch, eating tuna and pastrami and flicking cat litter as far away as possible from the litter box.

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