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Cat With a Bullet Lodged in his Spine Has a New Dog Best Friend



Roger the cat barely escaped euthanasia. You see, he was found on the streets of Naples, Florida – unable to walk, with no control of his bodily functions, not neutered, and with a bullet lodged in his spine.

According to The Dodo, a shelter veterinarian named Karen Brown at Collier Domestic Animal Services decided to take a chance on Roger instead. She gave him a steady dose of steroid injections and he eventually regained the use of his legs. From there, he was transferred to the Naples Cat Alliance, who said:

He was transferred to us and we recently had him neutered and his tail amputated, it was dragging behind him and getting in the way. He still can’t control his bodily functions but he is gaining strength and he has feeling in his back end. Hopefully he will regain control but until then we will continue to take care of our beautiful boy.

While the bullet remains in Roger’s spine, (doctor’s say it could do more damage to try and remove it!) the kitty’s health is improving every day – and they believe his recovery is in part due to his special friendship with a dog named Bitsy.



Bitsy is the shelter’s “Resident Cat Lover.” In fact, she doesn’t like other dogs, but prefers to be in the company of cats! She even has a history of taking care of a litter of abandoned kittens.

While Roger does have a doggy BFF to cuddle with at the moment, what he’d really love is a forever home! Could it be you? If you’re interested in Roger, contact the Naples Cat Alliance or make a donation to the shelter to support its efforts to save other cats like him.

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