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Voters Took their Cats (and Dogs, Horses, Guinea Pigs) to the Polls in Britain’s General Election

Over the past few years, #dogsatpollingstations has become something of a tradition for dog-owning British voters. Yesterday’s vote was no exception – dogs accompanied their humans to the polls and the hashtags went viral on Twitter and Instagram:

#dogsatpollingstations Image via bailey_boy2016/Instagram

#dogsatpollingstations Image via bailey_boy2016/Instagram

But, this year, man’s best friend had some stiff competition from some paw-litically inclined pets. Check out these cats who helped their humans cast a vote! After all, it’s a very big decision selecting the right PAWty!

🔴♥️💯 #catsatpollingstations

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Enjoying #catsatpollingstations very much. 📷 @jesmondcakecompany

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#catsatpollingstations #catsatpollingstations😻

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Brian’s voted …. have you?? #dogsatpollingstations #catsatpollingstations

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He voted for Labour ’cause he knows what’s up. #catsatpollingstations 🌹

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Kiki had to cast her vote today too #catsatpollingstations

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