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College Student Seals Cat in a Jar as ‘Punishment for Misbehaving’

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Kiki Lin, an English major at Taichung Providence University in Taiwan, caused an uproar when she posted a photo of her cat, also named Kiki, stuffed into a sealed glass jar on Facebook, saying it was ‘punishment for misbehaving.’

The image quickly began circulating around social media, and now she’s being charged with animal cruelty.

In an interview with The China Post, Lin explained that she was experimenting with different ways to transport the cat, because she wouldn’t fit into a bag. She responded to the flood of negative comments she’s received by saying, “I really don’t see how it is their place to criticize me without even knowing what happened; they have too much time on their hands.”

From the China Post:

Lin, currently a Junior majoring in English, claims to love her cat more than her life. However, contrary to her Internet post, Lin claimed the reason behind sealing her “beloved” cat Kiki into a jar was so that the duo could enjoy a nice outing. “I love her so much, and I was just testing out the most convenient method of taking her out. And I only did it once.” Claiming that her cat’s 4kg weight was too strong for her to cope with when trying to put the cat into a bag, Lin claimed that her experiment for an alternative was reasonable and legit. Lin went on to present press with the jar in question with obvious air holes punctured on the surface, drastically different from that of her uploaded photograph.

Despite being called an “animal abuser” on Facebook, Lin refuses to apologize or recognize any wrongdoing on her part. Her response was just three words: “Ha Ha Ha”

If convicted, Lin may face up to one year in prison and will have to pay fines. There’s been no mention of whether or not she will be allowed to keep Kiki the cat.

Personally, I’d like to see the authorities stuff Miss Lin into a jar.



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