Crazy for Catnip? These Cat Toys Don’t Disappoint!

Chances are, you’ve seen your cat respond to catnip by rubbing all over it, kicking at it, going crazy, writhing around on the floor, eating it… just by sniffing it. And, it’s nearly as much fun for us to watch our kitty’s antics when they’ve got a “catnip buzz.”

If you buy catnip toys for your kits, you’re probably also aware that not all catnip is created equally. While some toys will send my gang into a full-blown frenzy, others are simply ignored. So I was anxious to test out these new catnip toys from Petlinks® to see if they met my feline family’s very high standards. I’m thrilled to report – they did not disappoint.

To give you an idea of how potent the catnip is, my mail carrier left the package from Petlinks by my front door when I was away. One of the neighbor’s outdoor cats, Charlie, found it before I did and tore the package open! I arrived at home to find him rolling around on his back in my front yard, with some of the toys strewn all around!

Petlinks sent a variety of their new toys for us to try. All four of them use certified organic catnip. Organically grown catnip contains only leaves and blossoms with no fillers, making it exceptionally potent.

Petlinks Tea Zing

These adorable tea bag shaped toys didn’t make it to my cats – the neighbor’s cat stole them out of my mail! Yes, they are that powerful!

The Tea Zing (the toy that was commandeered by Charlie) is a 3-pack of tea bag shaped toys filled with their powerful catnip. I didn’t test them with my cats because Charlie had already staked his claim – but I can assure you, he thoroughly enjoyed them!

The Purrfect Scent is a bristly hedgehog ball that you fill with catnip. Your cat gets a buzz and a check massage trying to get it out. The Catnip Stogie looks like a cigar, but it’s made of their compressed organic catnip. This was Walter’s favorite – he immediately began licking it, rubbing his face on it, and then rolling on the floor kicking it. The Catnip Mouser is a 2-pack of their organic catnip, compressed into the shape of a mouse, with a sisal tail and felt ears. My tabby boy, Norman, thought these were the “cat’s meow.”

Catnip Mousers

Organic catnip compressed in the shape of a mouse. What kitty could resist?

Petlinks developed their Petlinks Needs System, and produces a wide variety of products designed specifically to meet certain emotional, instinctual and physical needs of a cat. They offer products in nine categories – stimulation, independence, scratch, hygiene, interaction, hunt, rest, exercise, and privacy – all designed to help us find the right products to fulfill our cats’ needs. These four catnip toys fall into the “stimulation” category. Petlinks products, including these new catnip toys, can be purchased at Petsmart, Petco, and Only Natural Pet Store.

The best part? Petlinks is giving away a set of their new catnip toys to one lucky Catington Post reader! Just comment below and let us know how much your kitty loves catnip!

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