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Creating a Cat-Friendly Home: Improving Air Quality and Feline Comfort

As a cat owner, you want the best for your feline friend. In addition to providing shelter and the right food, it’s also essential that you set up their home environment so you can prevent the possibility of allergies. Just like poor air quality can cause allergies in people, cats might also be allergic to an unclean environment. Here is more information about the harm poor air quality can have on you and your pet. Plus, you’ll learn strategies to improve air circulation and clear the air.

a cat-friendly home provides a clean environment, bedding, toys, and enrichment for your cat

How Poor Air Quality Affects Yourself And Your Cat

Yes, your cat can be negatively affected by indoor air pollution in your home, and it could be worse if your pet already has a respiratory disease, such as feline asthma or chronic bronchitis. Often, the cat may experience allergies or breathing issues in homes that have second-hand smoke, burning incense, cooking fumes, and frequent use of household chemicals. Sometimes, it may be outdoor pollution that is causing the issue. As their owner, you must be aware of what is causing their health problems because if you stop that behavior, you may see improvement.

You may not think there is a problem with air quality in your home until you see the symptoms. So be aware of the signs that your cat may be experiencing a respiratory illness, such as coughing, nasal discharge, decreased energy, and labored breathing. There are other less obvious symptoms, such as bald patches or the constant shaking of their heads as they try to remove the allergen from their eyes.

Keep in mind that many young and adolescent cats are prone to respiratory infections because their respiratory systems are still developing, so be extra cautious.

Cleaning the air in your home is just as important for you as it is for your cat. A lot of the air you breathe is loaded with contaminants and pollutants. Over time, poor air quality can affect your health. In addition to eye, nose, and throat irritation, the air you breathe could cause respiratory distress, making it harder to fill your lungs. Plus, you could experience cardiovascular problems since your heart has to work harder to pump oxygen through your body. The conditions can be worse if you already have asthma, so you must be extra careful.

Improve Air Circulation

a cat-friendly home requires appropriate air circulation and air quality for the health of your cat

One way to improve air quality in the house is to ensure that air can circulate the area so the allergens don’t stay in one place. One way to do so is by installing ceiling fans. Most fans include a switch that will reverse the rotation. This helps keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so you and your cat are still comfortable.

When you’re looking for the perfect ceiling fan, start by factoring in the room size. Larger and smaller rooms will need different-sized fans. As a rule:

  • Rooms around 175 square feet are best with 42-48 inch fans.
  • Rooms up to 300 square feet are best with 52-inch or smaller fans.
  • Rooms up to 350 square feet are best with a 60-inch fan.
  • Rooms 350 square feet or larger may need multiple fans.

If you have a high ceiling, use a down rod to bring the fan down so you can feel the air. If you need more illumination in the room, buy a fan with a light.

You can make a more direct impact on the allergens in your house by using a mobile or floor fan and putting it as close as possible to an open window. Doing so will help to move the particulate matter outside. Just ensure the screen is attached so your cat won’t jump out. Also, use the fans in your bathroom and the kitchen when in use to keep the particles from settling there. If you have standing fans in the house to keep the room cool, avoid pointing them directly at yourself or the cat, or the particles will be coming right at you.

Hacks To Clear The Air

you can support a cat-friendly home's air quality with detoxifying plants

There are various other ways to clear the air and make life more comfortable for you and your cat. The first thing you should do is add at least one air purifier to the space. Find one with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter because it’s certified to remove the smallest particles. That particulate matter can include dander, bacteria, chemicals, and mould. Find a purifier that can sense changes in light and air quality and turn on and off automatically to save electricity.

Another simple and quiet solution is to add detoxifying plants around the house. Plants like bamboo palm and spider plants can remove formaldehyde and other pollutants from the air. Another plant, the moth orchid, absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen to humidify the environment.

If you or a fellow housemate has allergic symptoms to cats, you can make life more enjoyable by keeping the place clean. More specifically, you can vacuum often to clean up the danger that cats leave behind and cause allergic reactions. That dander can also work its way into the carpet, so if you have the option, consider switching to hardwood floors.

You and your cat deserve to be happy and healthy while in your home, and these tips can help create a clean and safe environment. Watch for the signs of allergies and protect your pets, and they’ll love you back until the end of time.

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