Dying Woman Writes a Heartfelt Letter to Her Cat’s Future Adopter


“Susie” via Montgomery County Animal Services

When Susie’s human companion knew she was nearing the end of her life, she wrote a beautiful letter to the would-be adopter of her special cat.

The note begins, “Dear Friend. Thank you for adopting my friend, Susie.” It continues over two handwritten pages, detailing how Susie came into her life, how special she is, and the friendship they shared.

The letter explains how Susie never liked the family dog and that she was even slow to warm up to her human mom:

Susie is afraid of everyone and everything. It took her six to eight months to realize I am her friend … Susie is unusual but I enjoy her company…I hope you enjoy Susie as much as I have.

The man who brought Susie to the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Derwood, Maryland, last May, told shelter staff that his mother had recently died and he couldn’t keep Susie due to pet restrictions at his rental. He dropped off the cat along with the letter from his mother.

The shelter will give the letter to the person who adopts Susie, and they’re hoping that person will show up soon. Shelter staff told The Huffington Post, “She tried to escape from her cage; she hid. Susie doesn’t have a lot of confidence to begin with, and now it’s at “an all-time low.”

As of today, Susie is still available for adoption. The shelter says, “She’s a sensitive girl and she lost the most important person to her. She needs another gentle soul to rescue her.”

Here’s Susie’s adoption listing, and here’s the entire handwritten letter:


via Montgomery County Animal Services


via Montgomery County Animal Services



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