Leo’s Loo Too by Casa Leo: The Smart Choice for Cat Owners

As a proud cat owner, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with litter boxes. At one time I had 7 cats and the recommended 8 boxes for them. That was a lot of scooping! So, when I got my hands on the Leo’s Loo Too self-cleaning litter box from Casa Leo, I knew I had to share it with my fellow cat parents. This isn’t just another litter box, folks—it’s an innovation that could change your life (and your cat’s life) for the better.

For any cat parent, managing litter boxes is a daily reality. It’s a task that’s often messy, smelly, and plain inconvenient but is absolutely essential to keep our babies happy and healthy. An efficient, convenient, and high-tech solution can make a world of difference in our busy lives. This is where the Leo’s Loo Too comes into the picture. Imagine a litter box that not only does the dirty work for you but gives you insight into your cat’s health, too, allowing more time for cuddles and play with your beloved feline. Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, stay with me as I take you through a comprehensive review of Leo’s Loo Too Self-Cleaning Smart Litter Box by Casa Leo. Here, we’ll dive into everything you need to know, from its setup to its performance and maintenance. Let’s find out if it truly lives up to all it promises.

Unboxing: Setting up Leo’s Loo Too

Straight out of the box, the Leo’s Loo Too impresses. The packaging was secure and neat, and it was a breeze to set up. Plus, Casa Leo seems to have thought of everything; I got the Leo’s Loo Too Starter Bundle that included a 25-pack of waste drawer liners, carbon filters, some adorable plushie cat toys, an easy-to-follow setup guide, and their color-matched litter mat that fits perfectly in front of Leo’s Loo Too and catches a surprising amount of litter that I can dump right back into the box. As for tools, you don’t need anything extra — Leo’s Loo Too just snaps together easily.

The instructions are straightforward. You simply need to make sure the unit is placed on a solid flat surface and at least an inch away from walls and furniture. It can be filled with any kind of clumping clay litter. Then you’ll need to download the Casa Leo app (from the App Store or Google Play) to connect your Leo’s Loo Too to WiFi.

The WiFi setup may be tricky if you don’t have a dual-band router because you will need to connect the device to your 2.4 GHz WiFi band. Many wireless devices, like WiFi security cameras, require the same kind of connection. For most, that means that once you have the app on your phone, press the power button to put Leo’s Loo Too into pairing mode and follow the directions on the app — the setup should be a snap.

Aesthetics Meets Toughness: The Design and Build

The Leo’s Loo Too showcases a sleek and contemporary design that integrates seamlessly into most interiors. Its minimalistic aesthetics, matte white coupled with your choice of four designer accent colors (blue, gray, green, or pink), makes it an attractive addition rather than an eyesore. I went with green, and it’s a lovely soft, sage green. (I’m told this has been their best seller until the Barbie movie got popular and now the pink one has been selling like crazy!) The unit has an enclosed design with a spacious entryway, making it inviting for cats while ensuring that the litter stays inside.

To touch on durability, Leo’s Loo Too is constructed from high-quality, robust plastic that can withstand daily use. Its sturdy build ensures it remains stable even if your cat loves to dig and scratch.

From a size perspective, the Leo’s Loo Too is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate large cats. The generous interior space also helps in reducing any litter spillage. If you’re a multi-cat household like mine, you’ll appreciate how this unit manages the needs of several felines without compromising on convenience or hygiene.

Technology that Wows: Functionality of Leo’s Loo Too

Leo’s Loo Too comes packed with an impressive array of technology features designed to make pet parenting a breeze. Its most significant attraction is the self-cleaning mechanism, which can be scheduled to activate after each use with a time delay that you can adjust. This means no more scooping, and your cat always has a clean place to go. The device’s smart features don’t stop there, either. It tracks weight and activity data and records it in the app, providing valuable insights into your cat’s health. Shortly after I set up the device, I noticed one of my cats was using the litter box twice as often as the others, so it prompted a vet visit and I discovered she was in the early stages of kidney failure. The information I got from the app was invaluable in getting her early treatment.

To ensure a sanitary environment, Leo’s Loo Too also boasts a UV light treatment feature that eliminates bacteria, keeping the waste drawer odor-free. Compatibility with Alexa and Google Home means you can control and monitor the litter box hands-free, adding further convenience. Importantly, Casa Leo has prioritized safety with a built-in anti-pinch sensor, which stops the spinning cycle if your cat jumps in. And, if something is detected near it, the device will also stop, thanks to radar detection technology. Lastly, the app sends you notifications when the waste drawer is full, so you never have to guess when it’s time to empty it.

Putting Leo’s Loo Too to the Test

In terms of waste management, Leo’s Loo Too is a game changer. The automated waste compartment neatly stores the waste, eliminating the need for daily scooping. The waste drawer is quite spacious and can hold up to a week’s worth of waste for one cat, which is incredibly efficient. For my 3 cats, I change the bag about every day and a half. Although they don’t fit as well as the Casa Leo liners, the unit is compatible with standard kitchen garbage bags, so there’s no need to purchase specific liners if you don’t want to. The carbon filter integrated into the waste drawer combined with the UV light treatment does an excellent job of minimizing odor.

When it comes to litter usage, Leo’s Loo Too is efficient. It uses regular clumping clay litter, which means you can stick with your cat’s favorite. Furthermore, its automatic cleaning cycle ensures that only soiled litter is removed, ensuring minimal wastage. The matching litter mat catches any stray litter from your cat’s paws, which can be easily put back into the box, further minimizing waste.

Oh, and the noise level? Whisper-quiet. I have Leo’s Loo Too set up in my office and it doesn’t disturb me at all — I don’t hear it or smell it.

Cleaning Made Easy: Maintenance of Leo’s Loo Too

To clean Leo’s Loo Too, you’ll only need to roll up your sleeves once a month, and the process is as smooth as it can get. The unit can be easily disassembled, allowing you to give the interior a thorough clean. Using mild detergent and warm water, you simply wipe the surfaces and rinse – no harsh chemicals needed. Remember to empty the used litter before cleaning, and refill it with fresh litter once you’ve dried the unit. With its smart design, minimal touch is required, keeping the chore of litter maintenance hassle-free and hygienic. In all, Leo’s Loo Too turns the dreaded task of monthly cleaning into a swift and easy routine.

Bang for Your Buck? Let’s Talk Price and Value

In comparison to other automatic litter boxes on the market, Leo’s Loo Too by Casa Leo stands apart with its superior design and feature-rich capabilities. Some competing brands may offer automatic cleaning, but few can boast of technology that tracks your cat’s health metrics or has a UV light for sanitation. Often, other brands also require specific litter or liners, adding to the long-term cost and hassle. Leo’s Loo Too’s compatibility with regular clumping litter and standard kitchen garbage bags gives it an edge over others, ensuring convenience and offering a more budget-friendly solution for cat owners.

Leo’s Loo Too may be an investment upfront, but considering its feature set and the long-term cost savings, it’s a valuable addition to any cat household. The initial price may seem steep, but it is packed with features that offer unprecedented convenience – such as self-cleaning, health tracking, and smart home compatibility. These features not only save time but also provide peace of mind. Additionally, the reduced need for specific liners or litters and the device’s durability promise savings in the long run, making it a cost-effective choice. So, while you may pay more upfront, Leo’s Loo Too proves its worth in the long run, making it a worthy investment for any cat parent. Casa Leo also has the option of paying in 4 interest-free installments.

Final Thoughts: Wrapping Up the Leo’s Loo Too Review

In sum, Leo’s Loo Too redefines the experience of cat ownership by combining technology, convenience, and health monitoring in a single, self-cleaning litter box. The smart features such as health tracking, UV sanitation, and compatibility with home assistants, coupled with its efficient self-cleaning mechanism ensure maximum convenience and a healthy environment for your beloved felines. The ability to use regular clumping litter and standard kitchen garbage bags is a further testament to its user-friendly (and beautiful) design.

Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend Leo’s Loo Too for all cat owners seeking to simplify their pet care routine without compromising on their pet’s well-being. Its initial price may seem like an investment, but the device’s durability, long-term cost savings, and comprehensive feature set render it a cost-effective and worthy investment for any cat household. Remember, an informed decision is the best decision. So, go ahead and give Leo’s Loo Too a try – your cat will thank you!

Ready to Experience Leo’s Loo Too?

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And do share your experiences in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear all about it—and your cats’ reactions, too!

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