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Ever Wondered What a $9,000 Cat Condo Would Look Like?

Apparently, it’s not just buildings that are on the rise in Japan. The price of cat condos are on the rise, too! Evidenced by this sleek and beautiful artisan-crafted feline perch called Modern Cat Tree NEKO, designed by Yoh Komiyama and produced by the lifestyle brand Rinn.

Tomooki Kengaku for RINN

Each 6-foot-tall tree is constructed by hand of Japanese hardwood, Scandinavian textiles, and Greek marble for the base – inspired by seeing a cat sprawled out on the floor of a house’s entrance area, using the surface to cool its body. While the Japanese have a reputation for sparing no expense when it comes to their pets, coming in at over a million Japanese Yen, this cat condo actually costs more than an entire year’s rent on a one-bedroom condo for a human living in central Tokyo!  (That converts to well over $9,000 after tax!)

Despite the rich price tag, though, RINN’s CEO Masahiro Ryohara tells Quartz that they’ve already sold three out of the 22 they plan to produce this year. So, you’d better hurry and get yours!

Tomooki Kengaku

Tomooki Kengaku

It really is a gorgeous piece of furniture, isn’t it? We can’t help thinking the cat might end up sleeping on top of the cardboard box it gets delivered in…


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