Food for Thought: 21 Fascinating Vintage Cat Food Ads

Here’s some fascinating food for thought! These 21 vintage cat food ads prove that as much as things change, they also stay very much the same.

Take a walk down memory lane with these 21 vintage cat food ads! Some brands you’ll recognize as popular foods that are still on shelves today. Others will ring no bells at all – and some will have you scratching your head – Carnation made cat food?!

Make sure you read the ad copy, too – how different were the feline foods of yesteryear? From the ingredients (horse meat! jellymeat?!) to manufacturers boasting about the nutritional benefits of by-products, it wasn’t only the food that was different, different things apparently mattered to cat owners, too.

Kinda makes you wonder what we will think about today’s cat food ads 50 years from now…

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