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Freeway Cat’s Heroic Roadside Rescue

When a man noticed a cat in the middle of the freeway in Phoenix, Arizona this week, he was appalled that several calls to Animal Control and the Humane Society for help had gone completely ignored. Ignored for over 6 hours, in fact. So the good samaritan, Richard Christianson decided to save the poor cat himself.

“Just did what I thought we all should be doing,” Christianson explained.

Here’s a video Christianson took before he rescued the cat:
After rescuing the cat from the freeway, our good samaritan took him to the Humane Society where he’ll be treated for dehydration and wounds. Christianson says he’ll be calling and checking up on the cat.

In response to several people thanking Christianson for his act of kindness to the helpless kitty, he said:

I don’t know how the cat ended up on the freeway I can only guess or assume maybe someone threw it there or it chased a bird or maybe a dog chased it out there all I know it was in trouble and I did what I could to help like I would for any animal or human or space creature.

Imagine, people passed by this cat for more than 6 hours before this man stopped to help. The world needs more people like Richard Christianson.



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