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‘Guard Cat’ Named Baby Attacks Seven Pitbulls

Baby, an average-sized fluffy white cat in Victoria, British Columbia went on a violent scratching spree last week, with a group of seven pitbulls at the receiving end of her rage. Described as being “very protective” of her owner, Baby apparently jumped out of the bushes and started swiping at the dogs when one of them, named Bandida, approached her owner in a friendly manner.

 (Javiera Rodriguez/Facebook)

(Javiera Rodriguez/Facebook)

Bandida, required veterinary treatment after the attack and, according to owner Javiera Rodriguez, came close to losing an eye! The Times Colonist reported that the cat’s owner agreed to foot a $222 veterinarian bill for Bandida.

Interestingly, there are no laws in this area against violent attacks by cats – only dogs. While Baby’s owner has agreed to pay the vet bills associated with the attack, Rodriguez believes she should be held accountable – regardless of what kind of animal Baby is.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Della Williamson

    Aug 18, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    In a way I agree that owner should be held accountable. All owners should be responsible for the actions of those animals and children under their care. This is a great story for those pit bull haters to read. As well as any fool who says dogs are born mean and aggressive. None are. They are a product of their upbringing and training. Those pities ran for crying out loud. Small dog owners are very rarely held accountable for the actions of their dogs. And their have been several deaths from small dog attacks.Even chihuahua’s have sent people to the hospital and one man died as a result of being attacked by 5 chihuahua’s. He reported to animal control being attacked by 5 very vicious small dogs. Animal control went out. And laughed said “they could only be described as petite and adorable”. And dismissed the matter. That man died because of that attack. On another occasion 6 of them attacked a person who also had to have treatment at the hospital. But that person didn’t die. Nor the little girl that was attacked though she had to be treated. Animal control is very wrong not to hold owners of small animals accountable.
    This is also great for those fools who insist cats are useless animals. Cats have protected owners for decades.
    Animals do not always interpret correctly another animals motives any more than people do. My cat protected me from a perceived danger. And I loved her lavishly for it. I really wasn’t in danger, but she didn’t know that. Cats have chased off bears and other animals. Even a cougar on one occasion. Which surprised me because they often will attack domestic cats. They consider our common house cats a tasty appetizer. so most likely that cougar had already eaten and was not hungry.

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