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Guy Surprises Cat By Dressing Up As His Favorite Toy

Unless you’ve completely avoided the internet recently, you’ve probably seen a viral video depicting a dog losing her mind with joy when her owner’s boyfriend showed up dressed like her favorite stuffed Gumby toy. It’s adorable, right?

Well, comedian and cat lover Jeff Cerulli thought it would be fun to dress up like his cat’s favorite bed, which happens to be shaped like a shark.


Cerulli told The Dodo:

“Peeps loves playing in that shark bed, so I ordered a shark costume to see what would happen.”

Peeps’ reaction wasn’t quite was Cerulli was hoping for.

In fact, Peeps looked somewhat terrified when the “shark” entered the room. He fled, and then observed the shark skeptically from the hallway.


While Peeps may have not appreciated the shark costume, Cerulli said he was back to being sweet and cuddly after he took the costume off.

“I love cats. They aren’t going to overwhelm a stranger with love. Most of the time they just have a bond with whoever takes care of them. That is kind of what makes cats more interesting than dogs. When they start loving on you, you feel special. It’s like when you are in middle school and some girl starts talking to you.”




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