Alison Eastwood: “Do Something to Help Animals Every Day”

Alison Eastwood, Hollywood actress and producer talks animal welfare and crowdfunding with Sarah Timms, Founder and CEO of new nonprofit crowdfunding platform, LoveAnimas.org 

Sarah: What animal cause are you most passionate about?

Alison: I really love so many different causes that you couldn’t list them all.  One day I’m helping cats and dogs, the next I’m working to save chimps or marine mammals! I want to work for as many animal causes as I can because they are all so worthy so I plan to go down trying.

Sarah: Tell us about your nonprofit, Eastwood Ranch Foundation.

Alison: I decided to start a nonprofit after seeing first hand what kind of terrible situations animals were in around the US after working on my show, Animal Intervention on Nat Geo Wild.  I felt I needed to take things to another level and be more proactive beyond just doing tv shows and talking about the plight of animals in the press.  Starting a nonprofit was a way for me to get into the animal welfare community and get my hands dirty.

Sarah: When did you first decide to use your influence to help animals?

Alison: When I was young – I always loved animals and would do what I could to help, from rescuing stray kittens to caring for injured and abandoned horse.  It took me a couple of decades to channel my knowledge to help animals.  I realized I could be part of something positive instead of just being passive about animal issues.  I think that’s part of the problem – people don’t always realize that to make a difference we have to get in there, work together and make a stand.

Sarah: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Alison: I’m proud every time I rescue an animal or help somebody rescue an animal.  Or every time I make even the slightest difference for the life of an animal.  I try to do something to help animals every day.  A lot of people believe that they have to do something big, give lots of time or money to make a difference. But the reality is that the littlest thing can help.  Doing something little every day makes a huge difference – sharing a post about rescued animals on social media, calling the local shelter and giving cleaning supplies or towels.   Those actions matter.

Sarah: What’s the biggest project you’re working on now?

Alison's current project is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 for the chimpanzees at Chimp Haven.

Alison’s current project is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 for the chimpanzees at Chimp Haven.

Alison: My crowdfunding campaign to save research chimps.   Recently 110 chimps used in research were released from federal labs to Chimp Haven.  So I’m running a crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 to help ensure they get the care and protection they need.   I’m asking people to donate $2 or whatever they can afford to my campaign – that’s a small action someone can take to make a meaningful difference for these animals.  https://www.loveanimals.org/be-a-chimp-champion.html   

Sarah: Why are you so passionate about this particular cause?

Alison: Because we owe them.  These self-aware, social animals sacrificed so much for the benefit of humans. They deserve the best possible care during retirement, both physically and emotionally.  Giving a couple of bucks to support their care for the remainder of their lives is the least we can do. I can help spread the word, so I will.

Learn more about LoveAnimals.org here.

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