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Help Identify the Person who Tied a Cat to the Hood of Their Car

Image credit Polly Vandall, Facebook

Image credit Polly Vandall, Facebook

Polly Vandall was in New Philadelphia, Ohio, when she spotted a couple driving an SUV with a cat tied to the hood of their car. She snapped a quick photo and posted it to Facebook.

Not surprisingly, the photos quickly went viral and got the attention of local police, who are now trying to locate the driver.

Police Chief Michael Goodwin told WKYC News:

I wish someone got a picture of the license plate. We could follow up very quickly. It’s a very bizarre case, unclear if it would violate any animal cruelty laws. It’s the public safety of main concern to me. I’ve never seen anything like it in 25 years on the job.

The car is a gold Buick SUV or Crossover. The couple was reportedly on their way to Cleveland and not from Ohio. Gas station video footage also exists of the couple filling up and talking to the cat before putting him back on the hood, but again no clear image of the license plate exists.

Anyone who has information, or recognizes the driver, please contact the New Philadelphia police department.



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