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How a Truck Accident Turned Into Good News for Cats

Photo: KREM

Photo: KREM

Two semi-trucks collided on Interstate 90 in Spokane, Washington just after midnight one evening last month causing a huge traffic backup for miles. What’s that got to do with cats, you ask? Well, turns out one of the trucks was hauling a load of premium canned cat food that spilled out all over the highway.

When a tow-truck was called in to haul the wreckage away, the company had the good sense to call Spokane County Regional

Photo: KREM

Photo: KREM

Animal Protection Services (SCRAPS) to come and collect the spilled food. Volunteers from SCRAPS were able to collect about 4 pallets of food for the shelter’s homeless kitties!

According to The Spokesman Review,

“We got a lot, and it’s kind of gourmet cat food,” said Nancy Hill, director of SCRAPS. “Our guys are going to be happy about that.”

The cat food delivery to SCRAPS comes just as the shelter begins its busy season with incoming cats.

One driver suffered minor injuries as a result of the accident and all others involves were able to drive away from the scene injury free.

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