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How Blake the Cat Saves His Human’s Life Every Single Day

When Glen Schallman adopted his 1-year-old cat, Blake in Fort Worth, Texas, he got much more than a pet. He got a friend that would eventually save his life!
Check out this video from USA Today that explains it all:

Schallman has a combination of two rare brain conditions – polymicrogyria and unilateral schizencephaly. Additionally, he has a brain tumor. This combination causes him to have daily seizures that can be deadly. While Blake the cat has never had any formal training, he acts as a therapy animal to Glen – alerting him to an oncoming seizure so he can get himself out of a dangerous situation. He even bites Glen’s toes when he’s asleep to wake him up if he’s going to have a seizure during his sleep!

Thanks in part to Blake, Schallman is the oldest living person with his rare brain conditions. Blake is a life saver.

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