How to Make PAWsome Kitty Cat Easter Eggs

Comical Cat Easter Egg

What would make Easter even more special than it already is? That’s right – Kitty Cat Easter Eggs! Kids (and grown-ups, too) will have a blast making these cat eggs for Easter. Here’s how, from the decorating experts at Wilton:

You’ll need Wilton White Ready-To-Use Fondant and Fine Tip Primary Colors FoodWriter® Edible Color Markers to make facial features.

Step 1
Color egg rose; Let set.
Step 2
Tint 1 oz. of fondant green, 1/8 oz. each rose and black.
Step 3
Roll out green fondant 1/4 in. in. thick. Cut out strip, 4 in. long x 3/8 in. wide. Wrap around base of egg for collar; attach with piping gel.
Step 4
For bow tie, roll out green fondant 1/16 in. thick, cut two strips, 1 1/2 in. long x 3/8 in. wide. Pinch ends together and join at center; attach with piping gel. For center loop of bow tie, roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick, 1 in. long x 1/4 in. wide. Wrap loop around bow and attach to collar with piping gel.
Step 5
Roll out rose fondant 1/8 in. and cut two triangles, 3/4 in. on all sides; attach to egg with piping gel.
Step 6
Use 1/4 in. black fondant ball for nose; shape and attach with piping gel. For each eyebrow, roll logs about 1/8 in. diameter and 1/2 in. long; attach with piping gel.
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1 Comment

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