Dealing With Cat Hair… Everywhere!

Anyone who shares their home with a furry feline is battling cat hair — on our clothes, our furniture, and swirling around in bundles on the floor. These are tried and true ways of removing cat hair from just about everywhere:

Cat Hair On Your Clothes

cat hair

They say, “No outfit is complete without cat hair,” but, those of us who share our lives with furry felines don’t have to wear their fur as a badge of honor!

Keep a lint roller handy for those times your cat snuggles up to you and leaves a small bit of hair on your clean clothes. Get a few of them, and keep one in your car in case you notice you’ve been “marked” after you leave the house.

Add white vinegar to your washing machine. it loosens the hair and makes it more likely to come off in the laundry.

Dryer sheets don’t just get rid of static cling – they also help get rid of cat hair stuck to your clothing! Use dryer sheets whenever you dry your laundry and – if you’ve got an article of clothing that’s really covered in fur – toss it in the dryer for 10 minutes with a dryer sheet. The fur will come off your clothes and end up in your dryer’s lint trap.

It Is Called Fur-niture After All

cat hair on furniture

Now we know why it’s called FUR-niture! If you’ve got a furball in your home, there are most likely traces of that fur on every surface kitty likes to sleep.

For upholstered furniture, run a damp rubber glove or sponge over it to easily remove embedded kitty fur.

A lint roller or handheld vacuum will easily pick up a small spot of hair.

Lightly spray a mix of water and fabric softener onto your cloth furniture and then wipe it off. This will help loosen the hair.

A microfiber cloth and anti-static dusting spray will be your best bet to remove fur from wooden and other non-upholstered furniture – and will reduce the likelihood that hair will re-stick to it.

Cat Hair In Your Car

cat hair in the car

Nervous cats will shed more than usual, so it’s no surprise that many cats drop fur like crazy when they’re in the car.

Run a pumice stone along your car’s interior to permanently pick up fur from cloth seats and carpeted floorboards.

Cat fur on leather seats will easily wipe away with a damp cloth or leather cleaning wipes.

Cat Fur On Your Floors

cat hair

Obviously everywhere your furry friend goes, she will leave a tell-tale track of fur. Fortunately, there are ways to combat kitty hair on your floors.

If you’ve got hardwood or tile floors, use a microfiber mop to easily capture loose fur. If hairs get caught between the cracks of your wood floor, apply a new coat of sealant to make it easier to clean in the future.

If you’ve got carpeting, try sprinkling baking soda over the carpet before you vacuum. It will loosen the hair and deodorize the carpet!

If you’ve got a lot of hair on your carpeting, loosen it with a rubber broom.

Pick hair up often with a vacuum meant for tackling pet hair. Go over the floors twice in alternating directions to loosen any stubborn hairs.

Tackle Cat Hair At The Source… Your Cat!

cat hair

Tackle all that fur at its source to reduce shedding, and therefore reduce the amount of fur that flies all over your home.

Brush your cat often – several times a week for a shorthaired cat and daily for longhaired cats.

Treat and prevent any skin issues or diseases that might increase your cat’s shedding.

Bathe your cat with cat-safe shampoo to make skin healthier and reduce shedding.

And check out this product we LOVE! Yes, it’s labeled for dogs but it’s fantastic for our furry feline friends, too! This Chenille Grooming Mitt is your solution to messy paws and coats.  Clean and dry your pet before the mess finds its way to your home, car, or clothes.  Absorbing 7 times its weight in water, the microfiber on this mitt is also soft and snuggly. Give your cat a wipe with this mitt to remove excess fur. And, your cat will love the massage!

What other tips and tricks have you used to combat cat hair? Tell us in a comment below!

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