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Iconic Cat Ladies: Debunking the Stereotypes

What do Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Martha Stewart, and Jonathan Van Ness all have in common?

They’re cat ladies, of course! There’s also that each of these celebrities is successful in their own right. And believe it or not, owning a cat probably didn’t hinder that. In fact, it could have helped their success, much like famous artists and their pets. That’s because research shows the benefits of cat ownership are enormous, including reduced stress, elevated intelligence, and even better sleep. All this to say, the time is now — and also April 19, National Cat Lady Day — to celebrate our cat lady ways. 

Whether you’ve attending CatCon, own cat-themed decor, dress like a cat lady, or even have your cats tag along on road trips, these are a few clear indicators you’re a cat lady indeed. In time for National Cat Lady, Honest Paws spelled out a few more cat lady traits to embrace, plus iconic cat ladies who’ve done the same. Pore over some of them in the infographic below and hey, maybe even throw yourself a pawty. You deserve it, cat ladies!

an infographic detailing what it means to be a modern-day cat lady and famous cat ladies including Taylor Swift, Eleanor Abernathy, Jonathan Van Ness, Angela Martin, Martha Stewart, Catwoman, Elisabeth Moss, and Katy Perry

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