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Las Vegas Firefighters Revive Cat With CPR During House Fire

A cat in Las Vegas is down to only 8 lives now after a house fire last Friday. Fortunately, though, firefighters were on hand to save the day – again!



The North Las Vegas Fire Department responded to calls about a single-story home on fire and they were able to put the blaze out after about 37 minutes. The couple who lived in the home weren’t there at the time, so no human lives were in danger, but the cat who lived there wasn’t so lucky.

A neighbor, Calvin Lynch, told the firefighters he thought the couple had a pet dog. Close – it was a cat. Moments later, firefighters came out carrying a lifeless feline, hooked it up to oxygen, and performed CPR. Amazingly, the kitty was revived! Way to go!

Lynch told KNTV:

“I didn’t really see it move after that. It actually kind of shook me, so I turned the other way. I just thought it was awesome that they were able to bring it back to life.”

The blaze, which caused about $100,000 in damage, was determined to be electrical and accidental, officials said. As of Friday afternoon, the cat was in good condition and the Red Cross is assisting the home’s occupants.

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