From Big Screen to Your Back: The Argylle x Travel Cat Backpack Collab

Argylle cat backpack
Photo Credit: Claudia Schiffer and MARV Studios Ltd

Grab your catnip and your favorite movie snack; we’re going on a purrfectly fabulous adventure deep into the mystery and magic of the spy-thriller Argylle and the real-life gear for your cuddly rascal, the Argylle x Travel Cat Backpack. If you’re a cat lover, a certified movie buff, or just about anyone intrigued by the union of feline grace and espionage, this post is for you.

We’ll inspect every nook and cranny of the cat backpack carrier, designed to whisk your little explorer away to far-off lands in safe, stylish comfort. And, to heighten the intrigue, we’ve scored an interview with Emily Miethner, co-founder of Travel Cat, who’ll reveal all the insider secrets and feline insights of this groundbreaking collaborative project with the creators of the Argylle film.

About the Movie and the Mysterious Cat

The Film Argylle

Argylle, released in theaters globally in the autumn of 2023, is the latest spy-thriller sensation that has taken both critics and audiences by storm. The plot unfolds as a masterful espionage tale, weaving together elements of intrigue, suspense, and unexpected humor through the vibrant streets of global capitals. Directed by the visionary Matthew Vaughn, the film boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, and Samuel L. Jackson.

However, in our opinion, the real star of Argylle is none other than Alfie the cat. This charismatic feline has captured hearts with a performance that effortlessly balances mystery and charm, proving that sometimes the most captivating characters come in the most surprising forms.

Alfie the Cat of Mystery

Not your ordinary house cat by any measure, this furball of intrigue portrays a pivotal role in the narrative of Argylle. While we’d love to spill the saucer of secrets, we’re inclined to highlight the fact that this cat’s astuteness and poise rival that of the movie’s lead characters. Brace yourself; this is one kitty whose meow means business. Alfie is played by Claudia Schiffer’s pet Scottish Fold cat named Chip. (Schiffer is married to director, Matthew Vaughn.)

Unpacking the Travel Cat Backpack for Cats

Next, we unzip the layers of the Travel Cat Replica Cat Backpack and reveal its inner sanctum – analyzing its every facet from design to practicality. Prepare to be whisked away into a world of style, sturdiness, and cat comfort.


There’s no secret this cat backpack is good-looking! It’s an exact replica of the backpack used on-screen by Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) to travel with her cat Alfie (Chip). The eye-catching design is a cross of nostalgia and futurism. Crafted with a quality that’s a cut above, the backpack combines the classic sensibilities and the sleek modern contours that fans of the Argylle movie will instantly recognize.

At first glance, the colors (and obviously the argyle pattern) that adorn the backpack resonate deep ties with the film’s palette, ensuring that cats and cat lovers are plunged into the heart of the cinematic experience. The aesthetic comparison to the one featured in Argylle is impeccable, ensuring that this isn’t just a prop – it’s the real deal.


But, of course, you’re not going to buy a backpack for your cat just because it’s pretty to look at. Practicality, not just flair, is stitched into the DNA of this one-of-a-kind backpack.

The cat backpack carrier has been designed to be both comfortable for your furry friend and easy for you to carry. The interior is spacious, able to accommodate cats up to 15 lbs. The backpack also features multiple ventilation holes on the front and sides, plus mesh panels and pockets on each side for maximum airflow (and maximum treat stowage). Pro tip: the ventilation holes are a great way to slip your cat some treats, too!

cat backpack
This cat backpack has plenty of safety features and lots of ventilation holes.

The shoulder straps are padded and fully adjustable, ensuring that it can fit any body type with ease and comfort. You can choose to wear it as a traditional backpack or use the padded top handle for easy transport.

The interior is built for kitty comfort, with a plush mat at the base. Both the plastic bubble window & flat screen attachments for the front of the cat backpack are included. They lock in securely and can be switched out in seconds. The bubble window also has three large ventilation holes.


While it’s incredibly stylish, the makers of the Travel Cat Backpack have not compromised on safety for style. This backpack for cats is equipped with zipper clips & YKK zippers for ultimate safety, ensuring that your cat stays safe and secure during their travels. No cats opening this backpack from the inside!

Additionally, the backpack is made from high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep your cat’s bubble backpack fresh and hygienic for their next adventure.

User Experience:

It’s important to know that some cats may need training to adapt to being carried in a backpack, so Travel Cat recommends that you leave the backpack carrier open inside and let your cat get used to it first. Upon opening the box, my cat Sandy immediately jumped in the backpack, looked at me through the bubble window, and then settled in for a 5-hour nap. Needless to say, she didn’t require much backpack training!

Travel cat bubble backpack

I donned my backpack with my excited Lykoi spy-cat Sandy inside and set out on a mission to gauge its user-friendliness. The verdict? This Travel Cat Replica Cat Backpack practically carries itself. The ease of use, combined with its lightweight nature, makes for a hassle-free experience, leaving you with both hands free to pacify your furry operative or whatever else your mission entails.

The comfort factor is omnipresent; the backpack sits snugly against the body, distributing the weight evenly, ensuring long stints of sleuthing won’t tire out you or your cat. The functionality, of course, is impeccable, with each pocket and pouch designed to fit your world-saving arsenal.

When I took the backpack off and set down with Sandy still inside, it remained upright and stable — no rocking or swaying or Sandy turning around inside toppled it over.

bubble cat backpack
“Let’s go, Mom! We have mysteries to solve!”

Overall Impressions:

The Argylle x Travel Cat Replica Cat Backpack is a must-have for any feline adventurer, whether you’re exploring the concrete jungle or embarking on an intergalactic mission. With its perfect blend of style, sturdiness, and functionality, this cat backpack is sure to become your go-to gear for all your travels with your furriest friend.

An Interview with Emily Miethner, Co-Founder of Travel Cat

In an exclusive tête-à-tête, we unveil the thought process behind this awe-inspiring product, hearing straight from the maestros who engineered the collab. Emily Miethner, the Co-Founder of Travel Cat, breaks down the creation process and shares tantalizing anecdotes about the movie’s impact on the product that parallels its star cat’s impact on its fans.

Can you tell us about Travel Cat and how it aligns with pet travel needs?

We were inspired to start Travel Cat after we rescued a kitten on a whim, Andie. We soon noticed there was a lack of quality travel products on the market and barely any companies dedicated exclusively to cats. We’re dedicated to making high-quality, safe products for cats and building community and resources for people to help their cats get enrichment and live happy and healthy lives. We’ve quickly grown to be the #1 cat travel brand in the world.

Not only do we carry all the products you need to travel easily with your cats, for adventures big and small, but we’ve hosted tons of free virtual events to ensure people have the confidence, community, and education needed to make any sort of travel you plan on doing as stress-free as possible.

What inspired the creation of your cat backpack, and how does it cater to the comfort and safety of feline travelers?

Our best-selling cat backpack is “The Fat Cat” backpack. It holds up to 25lbs of cat, has multiple ways to adjust the shoulder and chest straps, making it more comfortable for the cat parent, and safety features like a leash/harness clip on the interior. “The Navigator” Convertible Cat Backpack, now available in our Earth colorway (which has quickly become a new best-seller) is what we call “the cadillac” of cat backpacks. It has tons of features for those looking to go on longer adventures, such as a waist strap, tons of pockets, a water bladder pocket, and a convertible shoulder strap that allows you to carry the backpack as a traditional carrier. 

How did the partnership with the movie Argylle come about, and what role does Travel Cat’s cat backpack play in the film?

It was an honor to collaborate with MARV and Matthew Vaughn on the cat backpack featured in the film, and to bring the backpack from the film into homes all over the world, along with other stylish products inspired by the film. It was so cool to see the film have Alfie, played by Chip the cat, in the backpack for most of the film – have such a large role in the adventure. 

Argylle gold carpet
Photo Credit: Claudia Schiffer and MARV Studios Ltd

Can you share any insights into Chip, the cat in the movie, and how the cat backpack enhances his role?

Chip is the BEST! He’s so playful but also has a “I’ve got places to go and secrets to crack” side. He was truly born to be a star. And what can we say about the cat backpack?! It really allowed him to be a part of all the adventure unfolding in the film…safely. Which evokes our general philosophy that cats need enrichment and playtime to live happy and healthy lives. Our products really open up the world for cats and we love sharing every inch of it with them.

What aspects of Travel Cat’s cat backpack design make it suitable for on-screen use in a high-profile production like Argylle?

“The Replica” as seen in the film along with the rest of our film-inspired collection is a premium product line that includes plenty of safety features, such as ample ventilation, the highest quality zippers, and a harness clip inside the backpacks for superior safety. The harnesses include two points of security and four adjustable straps, while the collars utilize a critical breakaway technology.

Is the cat backpack featured in Argylle the same model available for purchase on your website?

Yes, it is!

How do you think the exposure from being featured in a major motion picture like Argylle will impact Travel Cat and its products?

Being an official partner of the movie Argylle was a once-in-a-cat’s-9-lifetimes opportunity. Working with MARV was such a fun experience and having our own backpack on the “gold” carpet during the world premiere alongside so many huge celebrities that starred in the film was certainly a “pinch me” moment. Argylle is such a huge win for cats and cat people! We’re excited for the film to reach even more people since it premiered on Apple+ on Apr 12, 2024.

What future collaborations or projects can we expect from Travel Cat, especially in the realm of pet-friendly travel accessories?

We always have something in the works and there are a few upcoming projects and collaborations we are really excited to share really soon. All in the realm of cat-friendly travel, of course. Stay tuned and get on our newsletter to hear first! 

Conclusion: A No-Brainer and Where to Find Yours

The Argyle x Travel Cat Replica Cat Backpack isn’t just a means to manage mobility with your cat; it’s an experience, a collector’s delight that resonates with the allure of alternate realities and charismatic cats. For cat aficionados and movie mavens, this product is a no-brainer. And where shall one lay their paws on this sensational backpack cat carrier? Click here to get yours! But hurry, it’s a limited edition and we have no idea how long it’ll be available!

Curious how you can lay your paws on the Argylle movie itself? Stream on, and savor the experience that complements your new feline-forward accessory. Argyle is available now on Apple TV+ or for purchase on most Premium video-on-demand services.

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