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Naughty Kitties Turn on Faucet, Flood Shelter

Carol Ebert got a call early one morning last week because there was water pouring out the back door of the Florida Humane Society in Pompano Beach. “Counter tops were ruined, the walls were ruined. We had a lot of damage to food and storage that we had in the hallway.”

At first, they thought the serious flooding that caused at least $5,000 in damage originated from a burst pipe. Upon further inspection, employees realized that it was one of the cats that had turned on a sink faucet that was left running for about 17 hours. Shelter workers say they aren’t sure which naughty kitty is responsible…but they have their suspicions – a 6-month-old kitten known to play in the sinks. The suspect has been adopted since the flood, and came with a warning that, “this cat is intelligent enough to turn on water faucets.”

The Humane Society is now seeking donations to help replace countertops, walls and cabinets that need to be torn down due to mold.



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