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New Year’s Resolutions For Cat Lovers

New Year’s is a time for making resolutions and setting goals. If you’re a cat lover, why not resolve to make this year the best one yet for your feline friend? Here are some great New Year’s resolutions for cat lovers. Let’s make 2024 the year of the happy, healthy kitty!

new year's resolutions

Get your cat a new toy to keep them entertained

With no one around to entertain them, cats are really just performing for an empty house. If you want your feline friend to continue dazzling you with their amazing acrobatics and stunts, a new toy is the way to go!

Cats love chasing anything that moves, so a simple feather wand can be a lot of fun. Or, if your cat likes puzzle-solving activities, why not get them a treat dispensing toy they can knock around until treats spill out? Replacing worn-out toys with something new every now and then will help keep things interesting and exciting for your furry friend!

Schedule more playtime with your cat to bond and create a routine

Spending quality time with your favorite feline friend is truly priceless! Set aside some time for playtime and you’ll be glad you did—not only will it build a stronger bond between the two of you, it will also help create a routine in your cat’s life and help promote good behavior.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when finding new ways to entertain your cat—try playing hide-and-seek with treats, or grab some pipe cleaners to make weird shapes they can pounce on (just don’t leave them lying around after playtime). Even if your cat seems less than enthusiastic at first, keep at it—in no time they’ll develop an excitement (and off-the-wall enthusiasm) for playtime that both of you can appreciate.

new year's resolutions

Make sure you are feeding your cat the best food possible for their health

If you want to keep your crazy cats looking and feeling their best, you must make sure that they are getting the best food possible. Sure, it can be tempting to just buy the cheapest bag of kibble at the store but trust us, your furry friend will thank you in the long run if you choose a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Choosing what you’ll feed your cat is no easy task. There are millions of types, billions of options, tons of brands, and every cat has a different idea of what they consider to be a tasty meal. If you need a little guidance in choosing the right food, this article will help.

Keep their litter box clean – no one likes a smelly house!

It’s a fact of life: cats make messes, and some of those messes come in the form of cat litter. Keeping your cat’s litter box clean is incredibly important if you don’t want your house to smell like, well, a litter box! It may feel like a nuisance to have to scoop out the litter every couple days or so, but it’s necessary for keeping the smell at bay, not to mention keeping your cat healthy. So if you don’t want everyone avoiding your living room because of an offensive odor, get ready to start scooping up after your kitty!

Groom your cat regularly to prevent hairballs and keep them looking their best

If you want your precious feline to look their absolute best, regular grooming is key. It’s important to brush that luxurious fur of theirs in order to keep them from developing hairballs, but even more importantly, it’ll make them look fabulously sleek. We all know cats think they’re royalty and deserve their prime pampering – so why not make them feel like the majestic kitties they truly are with regular brushing! Not only will it keep them looking good; however, it also strengthens the bond between you and your pet. With a little elbow grease and some quality bonding time, everyone—cat included—will be happy!

new year's resolutions for cat lovers

Have regular vet check-ups to ensure your cat is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations

Regular veterinary check-ups are the foundation of a long and healthy life for your cat. It’s like a routine oil change for your pet – it protects against diseases, keeps them in top shape, and even gives you peace of mind! Not to mention it saves you money down the line as regular check-ups detect underlying health issues before they become serious (and expensive!). So if you’ve been letting check-ups slip lately, borrow a phrase from your parents: “It’s for your own good!”

Though cats may have a reputation for being independent, this doesn’t mean they don’t need our help to lead happy and healthy lives. By following the tips above, you can give your cat the best possible life in the new year – and we all know they deserve it. So make a New Year’s resolution to love your cat a little extra in 2023, because who couldn’t use more purring and cuddles in their life?

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