One Kitten or Two?

Thinking of inviting a kitten into your household? We take a look at the advantages of doubling-up and taking on two-fur babes instead of just one.

Many cat owners who have had the pleasure of inviting two kittens into their household at the same time, will sing about the benefits of watching two playful kittens interact and grow alongside each other. Interestingly, many top feline veterinarians and cat professionals are now encouraging pet owners to consider adding two kittens together for a number of important reasons.

Why consider two kittens instead of one?

There are many reasons why adopting or purchasing two kittens is a good thing. This is particularly true if your new family member will be predominantly an indoor dwelling feline or spending long hours alone. Other questions to ask yourself are:

1.     How often do you work, and your new cat will be left alone?

2.     Do you socialize away from the home often or go away on holiday? 

3.     Do you live in a quiet home or is the home full of children and other pets?

4.     Will you keep the kitten in your bedroom at night despite the midnight zoomies?

5.     Will your kitten be an indoor cat?

6.     Do you live in a small unit or a larger home? 

Cat experts suggest that if you do have a solo kitten and are away from the home for eight hours a day, you probably should consider looking into having two kittens for company. 

Many new kitten owners are unaware of how active their new little bundle of fluff can be, particularly late at night. Some pet parents opt to pop the kitten into a bathroom or laundry so they can get a good night’s sleep without being the source of play and early morning toe attacks. 

Then there’s the shopping, socializing, sports and last-minute late meetings at work. When you actually add all this time up, your solo kitten could be spending an awful lot of time alone.

Kittens love to play. If you only have one kitten, you will need to understand that you will be their playmate. If you are really not at home for the majority of the day, your kitten could suffer from boredom and stress, leaving them to play with less desirable toys, like curtains. Many shelter organizations will not rehome solo kittens to a home if the owners are proven to be away for extended periods during the day.

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Benefits of two kittens

Countless breeders and cat professionals agree that a two-kitten home is better than one. If you are introducing a new kitten into an existing cat home, it’s also good to understand that your existing cat may tolerate their new family member but won’t necessarily engage in play or snuggles. Some cats under the age of 15months can learn to become good friends, but the chance that your older cat will happily interact and play with your kitten is slim. 

Having two kittens can also help with:

∙      Boredom

∙      Older cat behavioral problems

∙      Socialization

∙      Coping with change and certain stress evoking situations (like the vet)

∙      Night-time zoomies that affect pet owners (meaning you can just shut the door)

∙      Feeling solitary and lonely

∙      Adjusting to their new home

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What you need to consider

Even though two kittens will keep each other company and provide plenty of snuggles and continuous play, having more than one will also need some thought.

Two kittens will cost twice as much. So, it’s important to take into consideration the cost of vet care, food requirements, travel crates, and litter. Before heading out to adopt or purchase two kittens it’s important to correctly budget for their needs.

It’s also important to remember that if you already have an existing cat, inviting two new kittens into the home may cause a huge amount of stress for your feline friend – cue the cat fights.

Another vital point to consider – is that these two precious bundles of cuteness will grow into cats with all the responsibility, care and love required – from feeding them a balanced feline diet to keeping their brains sharp and active. Pets are a lifetime commitment, that can mean 20 years of love, care, and attention. If you are desperate to become a cat owner, but are not too sure if you can commit, consider offering to volunteer at your local shelter where you can have all the kitten love you need until you are 100% sure the time is right to make this important commitment. 

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