Proof Emerges that The Queen of England Liked Cats


Picture: Annie Leibovitz

She may be well known for her love of Corgis – she’s owned more than 30 during her reign – but a series of drawings Queen Elizabeth II made when she was just a toddler reveal a surprising twist – she liked cats!

As the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday last year, a series of doodles and drawings, signed by ‘Princess Lillybet’ capture the then three-year-old as she enjoys the simple pleasure of drawing, showing she was once a carefree child far away from the pressures of statehood.

The unique drawings were part of several documents that belonged to the former Royal photographer, Marcus Adams. The couple who found them have put them up for sale at JustCollecting.com. The collection is valued at £15,000 and includes the drawings, letters, and photographs of the Royal Family from the early 20th century.

The Queen may have a pack of Corgis now, but it looks like she preferred to draw cats when she was a child!

via JustCollecting.com

via JustCollecting.com


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