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Pudding: the Rescue Cat that Rescued his New Mom

Pudding, the rescue cat that rescued his new momThis was one of our favorite stories, so we wanted to revisit the tale of Pudding and Amy. We often hear of dogs rescuing people and we know of a dog’s ability to sense danger and go for help. But here is a more unusual story of a cat as the rescuer. Meet Pudding the lifesaver!

When Amy adopted Pudding from the shelter, there was an instant connection between the two, but within hours, she’d learn just how deep this connection really was. The very same evening that Amy adopted her new cat, she had a diabetic seizure.  Laying in her bed, almost totally paralyzed, unable to move, speak or help herself in anyway, fear and panic began to set in. She had no way to let anyone know what was happening to her so they could come and help. Then suddenly, Pudding was at her side. Pudding jumped on her chest, swatted at her face and then nibbled on her nose, as if he wanted to rouse her from her seizure.  Amy was just barely able to speak her son’s name, but it was enough for Pudding to understand and off the cat went. Her son was awakened by Pudding and he was able to come to his mother’s aid.

Thanks to Pudding, Amy’s life was saved.

According to LifeWithCats.tv, Pudding has since become a licensed therapy animal and loves to spend the day in Amy’s flower shop. Surely Amy can feel more secure having her loving rescue cat at her side.

Watch Amy tell the story of Pudding’s adoption and the night he saved her life:

Has your cat ever saved you from danger, or helped when you were in trouble? We’d love to hear about it!



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