Review: Cat Nail Trimming with Dremel

The dreaded day arrives too quickly – nail trimming day. If you’re like most cat owners, you know the struggles of keeping your feline friend’s claws in check. Cats worldwide often find this routine grooming task anything but routine. But what if I told you that the Dremel 7350-PET could change all that?

Today we’re looking at an alternative to cat nail clippers, showcasing the Dremel 7350-PET as an innovative tool in feline nail care. Dremel also launched a dedicated online platform, the Pet-icure Prep School, designed to educate and empower pet owners on pet nail grooming. I’ll also share my personal experience with the Dremel 7350-PET, featuring my Sphynx cat, Norman.

Cat Nail Trimming with Dremel

The Best Dremel for Cat’s Nails: Dremel 7350-PET

The Dremel 7350-PET nail grooming tool is engineered specifically for the delicate task of maintaining your pet’s nails. This device stands out with its ergonomic design and user-friendly features, making it an ideal solution for pet parents looking for a viable alternative to nail clippers, especially for pets whose nails are difficult to cut — either they have black nails so you can’t see the quick or they’re afraid of nail clippers because of trauma in the past.

Here are some of the features that make the Dremel 7350-PET a standout for pet owners:

  • Cordless Design: Enhances maneuverability and eliminates the hassle of tangled cords.
  • Quiet Motor: Low noise to help keep pets calm during grooming sessions. It’s about the same sound level as an electric toothbrush.
  • Simple One-Button, Single-Speed Operation: Easy to use and control, making it ideal for beginners.
  • Rotary Action: Utilizes a rotary action similar to that of a nail file, resulting in a smooth finish without any sharp edges.
  • Multiple Sanding Bands: The kit includes 4 additional sanding discs.
  • Rechargeable Battery: 4-volt lithium battery with micro-USB charging ensures the tool is always ready for use, providing convenience and efficiency.

By incorporating these features, the Dremel 7350-PET offers a revolutionary approach to pet nail care, combining efficiency, safety, and comfort. It’s available on Amazon or on the Dremel website for $39.99

cat nail trim with Dremel 7350-PET

Pet-icure Prep School

Not sure how to use a Dremel to trim your cat’s nails? Before you worry about the potential complications of using a new device, Dremel’s Pet-icure Prep School comes to the rescue. With this specially designed website, you’ll have professional groomers via video tutorials and step-by-step guides virtually by your side, empowering even the most hesitant cat parents to approach nail trimming with newfound confidence. In addition to all the content they have there now, I’ve been told they’re planning to add even more cat-specific tutorials.

Trimming My Cat’s Nails with the Dremel 7350-PET

Meet Norman the Sphynx

Norman, my darling sphynx, might not have fur, but he sure has nails that need attention like any other cat. Although he usually behaves very well for his nail trims, the Dremel 7350-PET would be an entirely different situation, I feared.

Norman the sphynx Dremel

The First Dremel Session with Norman

Curious to see how Norman would react, I started our nail grooming session by turning on the Dremel 7350-PET next to him, allowing the device a few moments to whir quietly in my own hand as I gently filed my nails to demonstrate its benign nature. Norman observed with feline curiosity but showed no signs of distress at the sound, likening it more to a gentle hum. Taking a moment to ensure comfort, I then lightly touched Norman’s feet with the Dremel’s handle while it buzzed softly, to which he glanced at me — intrigued but not alarmed.

With Norman’s calm demeanor, I proceeded cautiously, cradling one of his paws gently in my hand. Following the guidance offered by Dremel’s Pet-icure Prep School, I pressed softly to extend a single nail. With a light, tender touch, I placed the Dremel against the nail for a brief moment, watching closely as the nail began to file down smoothly without any discomfort. The tutorial emphasized the importance of brief contact, no longer than a few seconds per nail to prevent heat buildup that could discomfort Norman. This approach also meant moving from one nail to the next, ensuring a gentle experience.

Norman’s Verdict

To my surprise, Norman remained perfectly at ease throughout the process, displaying a curious fascination with the Dremel rather than fear. Although he seemed tempted to investigate the device more closely, likely driven by a cat’s inherent curiosity for anything new, I maintained a careful distance to ensure his safety. Norman’s reaction was beyond what I’d hoped for; he didn’t attempt to pull away and never showed any discomfort.

This sleek little tool won over my skeptical cat heart. Norman, usually an excellent indicator of “do’s and don’ts” in cat care, had no objections. His nonchalant attitude throughout the process speaks volumes — the Dremel 7350-PET has been Norman-approved!

Pros and Cons of Cat Nail Trimming with Dremel


  • Easy to use
  • Quieter than your average electric toothbrush
  • The battery life is impressive
  • Comes with additional sanding bands
  • Perfect for dog and cat owners alike, especially vital for pets with dark nails


  • Pet owners with long-haired cats need to be cautious of fur entanglement
  • Some cats will require training and positive reinforcement to accept it


The Dremel 7350-PET is a viable alternative to traditional nail trimming. Its quiet motor, easy-to-operate design, and ergonomic features make it an excellent choice for pet owners who want to avoid the fear and potential pain associated with nail clipping.

For more information about the Dremel 7350-PET and other pet grooming tools, check out Dremel’s Pet-icure Prep School. With proper introduction and training, your pets can have a stress-free pawdicure experience with the help of this innovative tool. Give it a try, and you might be pleasantly surprised!

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