QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Your Cat’s Litter Box?


Everything about owning a cat is wonderful: companionship, warm snuggles, head butts, crazy kitty antics, and…litter box odors. Alright, maybe not everything… Litter boxes are the rare not-so-spectacular thing about sharing your home with a cat. But that litter box means a lot to your feline friend, including where it’s located, how often you clean it, and even what kind of litter you put in it. Do you have the ‘inside scoop’ on your cat’s litter box habits? Take this quick quiz and find out!

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1 Comment

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Just when this dog-eat-dog world has handed you all the poop you can take, it's time to walk the dog. Or wash the dog. Or feed the dog. You get the idea. So welcome to the world of easy-to-care-for cats. Entertainment comes bundled in a furry, huggable, self-cleaning cat who won't beg for your food. In his eyes, you don't eat well enough anyway. Just keep a laser pen handy, sit back and wait for the fun to begin! Cats...ya gotta love 'em.

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