RECALL ALERT: Huge Variety of ‘Natural Pet’ Homeopathic Pet Medicines

King Bio, the manufacturers of Dr. King’s Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals brand homeopathic medicines and remedies for dogs and cats has issued a massive recall that includes all aqueous-based products due to possible microbial contamination.


King Bio is voluntarily recalling all of its aqueous-based products for human and animal use (see full list of human, animal, and veterinary products recalled at the website link below), within expiry, to the consumer level due to possible microbial contamination.

Administration or use of drug products with microbial contamination, could potentially result in increased infections that may require medical intervention, and could result in infections that could be life threatening to certain individuals.

To date, King Bio has not received any reports of illness or injury.

King Bio is recalling the pet products listed below as a precautionary measure:

Product NumberBrandProduct NameLot #UPC Code
4303CNATURAL PET(Cat) Teeth & Gums012716A357955430346
4303CNATURAL PET(Cat) Teeth & Gums060116D357955430346
4303CNATURAL PET(Cat) Teeth & Gums072716A357955430346
4303CNATURAL PET(Cat) Teeth & Gums021717D357955430346
4301CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) Skin & Itch030816G357955430148
4301CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) Skin & Itch052516A357955430148
4301CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) Skin & Itch062816J357955430148
4301CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) Skin & Itch091416B357955430148
4301CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) Skin & Itch123016C357955430148
4302CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) UTI082015B357955430247
4302CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) UTI102215J357955430247
4302CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) UTI030816F357955430247
4302CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) UTI072216E357955430247
4302CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) UTI090816C357955430247
4302CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) UTI101016C357955430247
4302CNATURAL PET(D) (Cat) UTI010517D357955430247
4401DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Allergies081715A357955440147
4401DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Allergies033016M357955440147
4401DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Allergies052516B357955440147
4401DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Allergies071116K357955440147
4401DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Allergies090816G357955440147
4401DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Allergies101016B357955440147
4407DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Anxiety & Stress081715B357955440741
4407DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Anxiety & Stress051716Q357955440741
4407DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Anxiety & Stress072916C357955440741
4407DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Anxiety & Stress100716A357955440741
4403DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Digestive Upsets040616AA357955440345
4403DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Digestive Upsets071116L357955440345
4403DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Digestive Upsets020317C357955440345
4404DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Muscle,Joint & Arthr082015C357955440444
4404DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Muscle,Joint & Arthr051116A357955440444
4404DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Muscle,Joint & Arthr062816H357955440444
4404DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Muscle,Joint & Arthr071116N357955440444
4404DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Muscle,Joint & Arthr081216A357955440444
4404DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Muscle,Joint & Arthr011617E357955440543
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch081315H357955440246
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch011916B357955440246
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch033016L357955440246
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch051116B357955440246
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch062016C357955440246
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch071116M357955440246
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch081016D357955440246
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch101016D357955440246
4402DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Skin & Itch031717C357955440246
4408DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Yeast Control030916L357955440840
4408DNATURAL PET(D) (Dog) Yeast Control020317D357955440840
4409DNATURAL PETAllergies (Dog) (NP)120217S357955440147
4409DNATURAL PETAllergies (Dog) (NP)041518B357955440147
4309CNATURAL PETAnxiety & Stress (Cat) (NP)112317B357955430445
4415DNATURAL PETAnxiety & Stress (Dog) (NP)092617D357955440741
4304CNATURAL PETAnxiety/Stress (Cat)081715C357955430445
4304CNATURAL PETAnxiety/Stress (Cat)012616C357955430445
4304CNATURAL PETAnxiety/Stress (Cat)030816H357955430445
4304CNATURAL PETAnxiety/Stress (Cat)072916B357955430445
4304CNATURAL PETAnxiety/Stress (Cat)101816A357955430445
4304CNATURAL PETAnxiety/Stress (Cat)011817C357955430445
4405DNATURAL PETAppetite & Weight (Dog)033016N357955440543
4405DNATURAL PETAppetite & Weight (Dog)071116J357955440543
4405DNATURAL PETAppetite & Weight (Dog)042717B357955440543
4411DNATURAL PETDigestive Upsets (Dog) (NP)011918D357955440345
4412DNATURAL PETMuscle,Joint&Arth. (Dog) (NP)010418A357955440444
4308CNATURAL PETOral Health (Cat) (NP)022318E357955431046
4414DNATURAL PETOral Health (Dog) (NP)102717D357955442042
4306CNATURAL PETSkin & Itch (Cat) (NP)121417H357955430148
4410DNATURAL PETSkin & Itch (Dog) (NP)020118E357955440246
4406DNATURAL PETTeeth & Gums (Dog)102215K357955440642
4406DNATURAL PETTeeth & Gums (Dog)041316A357955440642
4406DNATURAL PETTeeth & Gums (Dog)052516AC357955440642
4406DNATURAL PETTeeth & Gums (Dog)083116A357955440642
4307CNATURAL PETUTI (Cat) (NP)090717B357955430247
4307CNATURAL PETUTI (Cat) (NP)111617A357955430247
4307CNATURAL PETUTI (Cat) (NP)010118BF357955430247
4416DNATURAL PETYeast Control (Dog) (NP)110317F357955440840


A complete list of recalled products and lot numbers can be found at this website.

King Bio is notifying its distributors and customers by letter and is arranging for return and/or replacement of all recalled products. Consumers that have product which is being recalled should discontinue use and contact King Bio at to make arrangements to return the product. These products were distributed nationwide to distributors and retail stores through August 24, 2018.

Consumers with questions regarding this recall can contact King Bio at 866-298-2740 or e-mail, Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 3:30 p.m., EST. Consumers should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they have experienced any problems that may be related to taking or using these products.

Adverse reactions or quality problems experienced with the use of this product may be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by regular mail or by fax.

  • Complete and submit the report Online:
  • Regular Mail or Fax: Download form or call 1-800-332-1088 to request a reporting form, then complete and return to the address on the pre-addressed form, or submit by fax to 1-800-FDA-0178

This recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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