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Remember the Zombie Cat? Wait til You See Him Now!

Who remembers Bart, the cat that was left for dead after being hit by a car – and buried by his owner – only to crawl out of his grave and show up at home in horrible condition 5 days later?

Bart was nicknamed “Zombie Cat” because he climbed out of his grave after he was presumed dead and buried. Bart had suffered head trauma, a broken jaw and an injured eye after the accident. After he returned home, he was taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay:

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Did you hear about Bart the Miracle Cat? He was hit by a car and his owner thought he was dead. Heartbroken, he buried…

Posted by Humane Society of Tampa Bay on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

 Well, you’ve gotta see Bart now! What a difference a year makes! Bart had surgery to repair his broken jaw and remove his damaged eye. The Humane Society wrote: “Such a silly kitty. He is doing well, loving life and getting more spoiled by the day.”

Happy New Year from our sweet boy, Bart! As you can see, he is fairly unimpressed with the festivities 🙂 #ZombieCat #MiracleCat

Posted by Humane Society of Tampa Bay on Thursday, December 31, 2015



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