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Sailor Jumps to Safety in Rough Waters – And Saves His Pet Cat!

The US Coast Guard released a video showing the dramatic moment when a man jumped from his 30-foot sailboat onto a rescue ship in rough seas while holding his cat.

According to the Coast Guard, Manu Wattecamps activated his emergency beacon when his sailboat lost its rudder, leaving him helpless and his boat battered by 20-foot seas about 400 miles south of Cold Bay, Alaska.


A nearby oil drilling vessel was able to rescue the sailor, and the Coast Guard monitored the rescue by airplane, where they captured this video, in which you see the Frenchman tuck his pet cat into his clothes before making a daring leap onto the rescue boat to safety.

Kudos to the sailor for saving his cat! As loving pet parents, we have trouble understanding how people are able to leave their animals behind in much less extreme circumstances. Two paws up!

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