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The Best Super Bowl Commercials…Featuring Cats!

cat-herdersAnother Super Bowl is this weekend, and as millions tune in to watch the Bucs and the Chiefs battle it out on the field, guess what we will be looking out for?

That’s right, commercials featuring CATS! 

While we wait for the newest ads from the companies that shell out $5.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime during the Big Game, here are a few of our favorite Super Bowl commercials from years past…all featuring cats, of course! Do you remember these?

1. The “cat herders” commercial is one of the best-remembered of all Super Bowl ads. Aired back in 2000, it was widely considered to be the most entertaining new ad that year. Then again, most people can’t remember what it was an advertisement for. The ad seemed to have little to say about Electronic Data Systems, a company which no longer even exists today, having been absorbed by Hewlett Packard in 2008.

2. Ameriquest Mortgage uses a hilarious sequence of events, ending in an apparent cat homicide, to tell us “don’t judge too quickly… we won’t”. This ad originally aired during the 2006 Super Bowl.


3. Who could forget the E-Trade commercials with the talking babies? Do you remember this one from 2011, featuring Peppers, the sneezing cat?


4. This 2012 Super Bowl ad from Doritos was said to be one of the best commercials that year. It features a dog – who killed the family cat and got caught – bribing his human with Doritos chips to keep quiet. The ad did cause a bit of outrage from cat lovers who believed the ad was in poor taste. What did you think of it?

After lots and lots of searching for Super Bowl ads that featured cats, I came to one conclusion. There aren’t enough cat commercials on TV! Hopefully we’ll see more this Sunday! 



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