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Supersized Cat Draws Visitors to New Hampshire Hotel

Guests at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire are greeted by a supersized ball of fur on the sidewalk out front named Logan. He’s a 31-pound cat named Logan. Yes, 31 pounds – about three times bigger than an average-sized cat.

Often seen lounging around the hotel, Logan has become a huge hit with hotel visitors and has become an Internet sensation. Guests have posted photos of Logan sitting in a chair, and this Facebook video that’s been viewed 29 million times, shows him waddling through the parking lot:

Owners Susan and Tor Brunvand adopted Logan from a shelter six years ago. He arrived as a normal-sized cat but soon started putting on weight. She said she’s had him checked by the vet and there’s no reason medically for his obesity. She’s tried everything and he’s just not lost any weight. Reactions to this fat cat have been a mix of shock and surprise to even folks who think he’s being abused for being allowed to get so big. Most visitors just crack a smile when they see him. Just like a cat, Logan “owns the place.” “This is who he is,” Susan Brunvand said. “He’s happy as can be … He is one of the happiest, easiest cats I’ve ever had. He doesn’t think he’s fat. He thinks he’s cute.”

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