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The Best Cats for Kids

Cat and ChildIf you have children and are looking to add a family pet, the right cat can make a great first pet! They are relatively low maintenance, typically low energy, and can play indoors safely. Sharing your family home with a pet gives your children the opportunity to learn responsible pet ownership and to care for animals. They can create loving bonds with their pets that they’ll remember fondly into adulthood. Don’t you remember your childhood pet?

But, choose carefully! Not all cats are suitable for a home with children. Many of them prefer to be left alone, and some cats can be very high maintenance. So, it’s important to understand the temperaments of particular breeds before you make your decision on what kind of cat to get. You’ll want to find a breed of cat that has a high tolerance for loud noises, that is not known to be territorial, that is highly social, that enjoys being held and handled, that is easily adaptable and easy going, and that is not prone to biting or clawing.

Taking all these things into account, we’ve come up with our list of the top cat breeds for families with kids:


Maine Coon

Maine Coon


One of the largest breeds of domestic cats, Maine Coons demand large amounts of human contact. In fact, they’ll usually get attached to more than one family member and are extremely active and loyal. They get along well with dogs and children and, if raised together, can get along with other cats. This big kitty will keep your family entertained with his even bigger personality.



Aby’s are affectionate, intelligent, silly, and very people oriented. They’re extremely active and thrive on interaction and play time. They will be in the middle of everything your family is doing. In other words, if you’re looking for a mellow cat, the Abyssinian is not the breed for you.



As soon as you pick up a Ragdoll, all of his muscles go limp…just like a ragdoll! Scientists cannot explain this genetic trait that’s unique to the long-haired Rags. They can be somewhat lazy, but get along well with kids and other pets. If you’re looking for an active cat, Ragdolls aren’t your breed. They are easy-going, cuddly couch potatoes.

American Shorthair

American ShorthairPlayful, curious and smart, the American Shorthair is energetic and loves to run and play with young children.They are even-tempered and loyal, developing relationships with the entire family. They’re also known to live well into their 20?s, so your kids and your cat can grow older together!

This is simply a guide to help you decide where to start your search. Don’t choose your cat solely on what breed he is. Every cat, even among the same litter, will have personality differences. It’s best to bring your kids to meet their prospective new kitty before you adopt and see which one seems like the best fit.

Look for a cat that will readily approach your children. When handled, does the kitten purr? He should not scratch or try to bite. Does he get nervous if you make a sudden move or a loud noise? If so, that kitten might not be the best choice for a family with young children.

Also, don’t discount all the wonderful mixed breed cats waiting for homes at your local shelter! Many of those kitties have wonderful, kid-friendly personalities, and you’ve got an opportunity to teach your family about saving homeless animals!

Do you share your home with children and a cat? Tell us about the bond your kids share with your cat!

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