The Best Toys for Cats Who Don’t Like Catnip

As much as you may want to deny it, there’s a possibility your cat may be one of the 40% of cats who don’t respond to catnip. But don’t worry! We have solutions that will keep even the most stoic of cats entertained!

Remember, a bored cat is a cat with a tendency toward behavior problems. Since cats sleep so much, it’s important to give them a way to burn off all the excess energy they have when they wake up. The best way to do that is with toys! Here are some of our favorite toys for cats who don’t like catnip.

Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive toys are some of the most important toys for cats. These toys not only entertain cats, they challenge them, too. These “brain games” are highly effective at helping shed that excess energy and tiring your feline friend out quickly.

These include food toys, treat puzzles, and activity centers that will delight your cat and reward his play. They are designed to make sure no cat ever gets bored.

Interactive toys also include wand toys that encourage you to play with your cat, helping build the human-animal bond. Our favorites include any of the highly popular RompiCatz toys and DaBird.

Noise-Making Cat Toys

Squeaking toys are wonderful for cats that would prefer to be outdoors hunting. These toys stimulate your cat into activity by making a variety of sounds that mimic prey. For instance, bird mimicking toys are ideal for cats who love to jump and swat at their toys. Find squeaking toys that mimic a mouse for cats that prefer to stalk their prey on the ground.

Cat Tunnels

When purchasing a cat tunnel, remember that it may take some time for your cat to warm to the idea. Some cats will seek out the dark middle out of pure curiosity and play there for hours. Others will need to be encouraged to enter with a treat or lured inside with a wand toy. Choose a high-quality tunnel with plenty of openings for multiple cats. Kittens especially adore tunnels and will play for hours!

Electronic Cat Toys

Electronic toys can be excellent ways to engage your cat when you’re unable to. These toys are designed to provide thoughtful, high-energy play that most cats love. Choose from rotating cat teaser toys to motion-activated laser dot systems (ideal for cats who love to hunt and chase), or a motion-activated mouse that will tease your cat for hours.

Simple Cat Toys

A toy doesn’t have to be complex to keep your cat active. There are thousands of simple toys that your cat will love to play with and chase. Plan on “rescuing” plenty of balls, mini-mice toys, and other simple cat toys from under your couch, but that’s part of the fun! Buy these types of toys in bulk and don’t worry when your furriest friend loses one under the refrigerator!

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