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The Healing Power of Catnip: 8 Medicinal Uses for Your Feline Friend

Do you know about the healing power of catnip? This herb has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments in cats. In this article, we will discuss 8 medicinal uses for catnip that can help keep your feline friend healthy and happy!

healing power of catnip

1. Catnip Acts as a Sedative

Catnip can act as a mild sedative when ingested by cats, helping to reduce anxiety and stress levels. This is especially true if the catnip is ingested instead of just sniffed. So, try sprinkling some loose catnip in your cat’s carrier before a car ride or on your cat’s dinner at night when it’s time to chill.

2. Catnip Can Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Catnip can also be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress levels in cats. The calming properties of the herb can help reduce your cat’s overall stress level, helping them to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

3. Catnip May Reduce Stomach Pain and Bloating

Catnip has been known to help reduce stomach pain and bloating in cats. This is due to the diuretic properties of the herb, which can help flush out excess fluids from your cat’s system. If your kitty is having tummy troubles, try offering them some catnip and see if it helps!

medicinal uses for catnip

4. Catnip Will Encourage Play

Catnip is a great way to encourage play in cats! The aromatic oils contained within catnip stimulate the senses and can lead to a burst of energy, making your cat more active and playful. Cats, especially indoor cats, benefit from regular play sessions to help keep them both mentally and physically active. What’s more, a bored cat is a naughty cat – so provide catnip and other toys to keep your furriest friend occupied or they will find ways to occupy themselves!

5. Catnip Tea Can Soothe Irritated Skin

Catnip tea is also excellent for soothing irritated skin in cats. Add some to your cat’s bathwater or apply it directly to the affected area. This natural remedy can help calm itchy, irritated patches of fur and skin.

6. Catnip Is a Powerful Training Aid

Catnip is also known as an effective training aid when used properly. Cats are attracted to the herb’s strong aroma and will often follow it wherever it leads. This makes it a great tool for teaching your cat behaviors like coming when called or walking on a leash.

sprinkle catnip

7. Catnip Can Make a Medicinal Paste for Minor Cuts and Scrapes

Catnip can also be used to make a medicinal paste that’s great for soothing minor cuts and scrapes your feline friend may have picked up in their adventures outdoors. Mix some minced catnip leaves with a drop of water, spread the paste on the affected area, and leave it to work its magic.

8. Catnip Is Also Used to Repel Mosquitos

Catnip has also been used for centuries as an effective mosquito repellent. The compounds found in catnip oil are known to drive away mosquitoes, making it a great natural choice for keeping your outdoor kitty free from pesky bugs!

As you can see, catnip has countless medicinal uses. Whether used as a sedative, to reduce anxiety and stress levels or as an effective training aid – the healing power of catnip is hard to ignore. So, don’t forget to provide your kitty with some catnip every now and then, not just for fun but also for medicinal purposes! Your feline friend will thank you for it.

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