The Westminster Dog Show is Adding Cats This Year…Wait, What?

westminster  dog show

Yes – you read that correctly. The primped and proper canines you’re used to seeing every year at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will be sharing the spotlight with their kitty counterparts this year!

For the first time in it’s 140-year history, the competition that features the world’s top dogs strutting their stuff will also feature fabulous felines. But – it’s not exactly what you think. The cats won’t be walked around the arena competing along with the dogs. They’ll be part of a “Meet the Breeds” event on February 11, the Westminster Kennel Club announced at a press conference Monday.


“Meet the Breeds isn’t just dogs lined up and you play with them, there are booths that depict the country and origin of the animal and people decorate the booths,” Brandi Hunter VP of public relations for the AKC told USA Today. “So cats are joining that and many will be dressed up and have their booths.”

Cats have previously been part of “Meet the Breeds” events during the week of the Westminster show, but this is the first time the official program has included a segment for cats:






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