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Thrift Store Finds a Cat Inside a Donated Couch

Central Utah resident Brittnie Arroyo was helping her friend Rachel Barbee move on Saturday and all day long they had been donating items to the Deseret Industries thrift store, including Barbee’s old couch.

By the time they returned to Barbee’s home, photos of the couch – and the cat – were already spreading around social media, even before they had a chance to notice the cat, named Tiny One, had gone missing. Right away they noticed this post on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.08.40 AMIn a story by KUTV:

When they were eating they saw a post on Facebook that someone had shared as a funny online yard sale posting. Arroyo laughed and thought it was funny that someone donated a cat and a couch at the D.I., then she recognized who the cat was.

“I was like, ‘oh, my gosh, that’s your cat — you have got to call.'” Arroyo said. “Rachel, you’re cat is at the D.I.”

Barbee yelled in amazement, “My baby!”

Talk about the power of social media! An employee at the thrift store said they usually give a receipt for donated items and never see the person again. They had no way to contact the cat’s owner. One employee had the idea to post about it on Facebook and within half an hour Barbee had returned to get her cat!


Photo: Carbon/Emery online yard sale Facebook group page

Tiny One was rescued in a gutter as a tiny kitten and Barbee nursed him to health. She had no intention of giving him away. That was a close call!

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