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Utah Man Charged With Felony After Violent Cat Beating Caught on Nanny Cam

On April 14, Saratoga Springs, Utah police responded to a home where the owner, Colleen Cloward told them she recorded her son’s friend, 19-year-old Jordan Lindquist, abusing her black cat “Shadow” on a nanny cam.

Jordan Lindquist booking photo, Utah County Jail

Jordan Lindquist booking photo, Utah County Jail

She and her son Kaleb had installed the nanny cam in her son’s room after Shadow had sustained previous injuries and the veterinarian suggested they were the result of abuse, rather than by natural means. They suspected Lindquist might be abusing Shadow.

What she saw on her nanny cam last week was horrifying. In a report by Fox13 in Salt Lake City:

Video showed unambiguous recorded evidence of Jordan entering his friend’s room, closing the curtains so he couldn’t be seen from outside the residence, and fishing a black cat out from under his friend’s bed. Lindquist was then seen throwing the cat on the bed where he continued to punch the animal.

Officers watching the video believed if Shadow had been a human baby, it would probably have been killed because of the viciousness and violence of the shaking and from the punches to the head it sustained.

Lindquist was booked into Utah County Jail on Friday and charged with one count of animal cruelty, a third-degree felony.

In an interview with Fox13, the Clowards said Shadow is recovering well.  Running around the house, even greeting strangers at the door, apparently unafraid despite the beating.



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