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Video: Brave Housecat Fends Off 3 Coyotes

An epic battle between a black-and-white cat named Max and three coyotes was all captured on Maya Gurrin’s home security camera at her Los Angeles home.

Gurrin and her husband were watching a movie when she noticed a shadow of a tail outside. When she went outside to look, she saw three coyotes surrounding her cat, Max.

She scared them off, but got a real shock when she reviewed her security camera footage:

The video shows the coyotes surrounding Max and nipping at him but he’s able to fend them off. At one point forcing one of the coyotes to retreat and jump onto a wall.

On CBS Los Angeles, Gurrin said, “I couldn’t believe it. We’re still shocked. It was two days ago, and we are still shocked.”

Gurrin says she’s aware of how dangerous this was and how differently the scene could have played out. So, Max is no longer going to be allowed outside. She’s considering building him a catio, so he can safely enjoy the outdoors without threat of coyotes and other predators.

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