6 New Release Cat Books to Read in 2024

new release cat books

If you’re a cat lover or just looking for some new reading material, then these new release cat books are perfect for you! From fiction to non-fiction, coffee table books to art collections, there is something for every feline enthusiast. So grab your favorite kitty and curl up with one of these must-reads.

Luigi: Mischief and Love with an Italian Cat

New release cat books Luigi

by D.M. Jennings

Finalist for the 2023 Best Book Award. Luigi’s story begins on the gritty streets of Padua in northern Italy, where Dana has just eloped with her study-abroad boyfriend, Roberto. Luigi saunters into their lives and hearts. His antics soon have them scrambling from one adventure to another – into Italian neighbors’ balconies, onto international flights, and up and down the California coast.

Luigi evolves from a silly pet into an integral part of their family. He becomes the best friend to their two rambunctious sons, a rescue dog and cat, and even their flock of backyard hens. Together they overcome adversity, including a California megafire and mudslide, and her husband’s terrible accident and brain tumor removal. Along the way, Luigi grounds their family and teaches them resiliency and unconditional love.

For anyone who has ever loved an animal, dreamt of life in Italy, or is eager for an escape from the day-to-day grind, Luigi will sweep you away on a young family’s journey and leave your heart a little fuller.

Don’t miss this unforgettable adventure.

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Real Life Hero Cats: True Stories for Kids and Families

New release cat books hero cats

by Anthony Ripley

Dive into the extraordinary world of feline bravery with “Real Life Hero Cats: True Stories for Kids and Families.” This heartwarming and beautifully illustrated book brings to life the inspiring tales of real cats who have displayed remarkable courage, loyalty, and heroism. Perfect for young readers and families, this captivating collection of stories celebrates the incredible bond between humans and their feline companions.


  • Inspirational Stories
  • Stunning Illustrations
  • Educational Content
  • Family-Friendly
  • Positive Values

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The Magic of Cats

New release cat books magic

by Andrew Anderson

Discover the Cat of the Night and the Cat of the Day. Over the centuries, the relationship between cats and humans has been one of profound change, of both darkness and light. In Ancient Egypt, we worshipped them as the physical embodiment of a goddess. In Medieval Europe, we tortured and punished them for being the familiars of witches. In the twenty-first century, we are obsessed with filming and posting their antics on social media. And while we may think of them as our pets, that doesn’t mean that we are in charge. Far from it. Cats know exactly how to get their humans to follow their orders! They have been an ongoing source of intrigue and mystery throughout human history. They are the stuff of myth and legend, as well as being our best friends. They sit among the stars and curl up on our laps. There is nothing so wonderful as the magic of cats.

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Bake Me a Cat: 50 Purrfect Recipes for Edible Kitty Cakes, Cookies and More!

New release cat books bake

by Kim-Joy

Feline fans will love this collection of 50 a-miaow-zing cat-themed creations.Bake Me a Cat showcases the cutest bakes you will ever see, all celebrating our favorite pet. With brand new recipes for cakes, cookies, desserts, breads and more, it’s the kitchen essential for every kitten-cuddler. Kim-Joy is an expert in creating gorgeous animal-themed bakes, and her adorable feline characters have a purrsonality all of their own. Catering for a range of skills levels, whether you fancy baking Tiger Buns, Meow Bao, Kit-tea Scones or a Happy Purrrrthday Cake, bring joy to your cooking and a smile to every cat-owner’s face with Bake Me a Cat!.

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House Cat: Inspirational Interiors and the Elegant Felines Who Call Them Home

New release cat books house cat

by Paul Barbera

Fancy felines and the beautiful interiors in which they rule.

This is not a book about cats. Nor is it a book on interiors. It is somewhere in-between: a look at how cats and interiors interact, and how cats become a fundamental part of one’s home. Really, it is about how a cat completely takes over their home.

House Cat is a celebration of fifty-seven charismatic cats and the incredible spaces that they nonchalantly wander. From Grace Coddington’s famous felines in their cosmopolitan New York apartment all the way to the farmhouse cat who has no idea that his owner is the great Bunny Williams.

Paul Barbera’s stunning photography transports you from a ninety-one-story-high penthouse above Billionaires’ Row straight to a Mexican hacienda-inspired home complete with nine cats. It is the ultimate pairing of enviable abodes and the mischievous cats that call them home.

This title will be released on January 2, 2024.

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The Cat Who Taught Zen

New release cat books zen

by James Norbury

From the author and illustrator of the international bestseller Big Panda and Tiny Dragon comes a beautifully illustrated exploration into the journeys we take for self-discovery and the connections we make along the way.

In a distant city, an old cat considers himself as wise as can be, until he hears of an ancient pine far away, under the boughs of which infinite wisdom can be found. Thus, the Cat embarks on a journey deep into the forest to search for the tree. Along the way, he meets new friends—the Hare, the Magpie, the Wolf Cub, the Monkey, the Tortoise, and the Tiger—and comes across the energetic young Kitten. What wisdom does the Cat have to impart to his friends, and, perhaps more importantly, what does he still have to learn?

Inspired by Zen stories, with stunning illustrations and a gentle voice, The Cat Who Taught Zen has wisdom to offer all readers.

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From heartwarming tales of feline heroism to culinary adventures in the world of cat-themed baking, these new release cat books offer something for every breed of cat lover. Whether you’re in the mood for a deep dive into the magic and mystery of cats, a peek into the elegant homes ruled by fancy felines, or a Zen-inspired journey of self-discovery with a wise old cat, these books capture the whimsy, charm, and profound wisdom of our feline companions. So, curl up with your purring pal and let these books transport you to a world where cats rule and every day is Caturday. Happy reading!

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