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Check This Out: A Video Designed to Reduce Stress in Cats

Does your cat get stressed out by loud noises, like fireworks or thunderstorms? Well, your feline friend is not alone. 64% of cats immediately hide during fireworks, with 26% showing visible signs of distress including trembling and panting. 13% of cats refuse to eat during or after fireworks displays.

In response, MORE THAN created the first film for cats that is scientifically designed with the intention of reducing stress caused by loud noises, narrated by Doctor Who‘s David Tennant. (Hey, multi-pet homes, they created one for dogs, too)!

Called Peer Window, the film is set entirely within a window frame to reflect a cat’s habitual behavior of staring out of windows for approximately five hours a day. Show the video to your cat and let us know what happens!

“Noise phobia in cats and dogs can lead to distress, injury and long-term behavioural problems, so it’s important for pet owners that they do as much as they can to help calm and relax their animals.” 

If this video doesn’t do the trick for your stressed-out cats, there are options. Try calming products, like Feliway, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, and Thundershirt. Or calming music made specifically for our feline friends, like Through a Cat’s Ear. You’d be surprised at how well these products work!

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