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Why Does My Cat Give Me Head Butts?

If a human were to walk up to you and slam his forehead into yours, it would generally be a bad thing – and probably lead to a fight! However, when your cat does it to you, it means something entirely different. So why do cats give headbutts?

why does my cat give me head butts
My sphynx cat Nelson giving me a skull-cracking head butt!

The technical term for what your cat is doing when he bonks you on the head with his own is bunting. Bunting includes head-cracking and also rubbing themselves against your legs. They do this for a few reasons – to communicate (“Hi, how are you!”), to leave their scent on you, or because they want to be petted.

Cats communicate with us using body language and if a cat head butts you, he is extremely content, greeting you with love and affection. And, remember, he is bunting, or leaving his mark on you to signify that you are safe, trusting and comfortable.

Some cats tend to bunt more frequently than others, so don’t be concerned if your cat isn’t giving you skull-cracking head bonks. He’s probably showing his affection in some other way!

Check out this video of kitties Emma and Portia giving head butts, filmed with a GoPro HD helmet cam. Cool!

Does your cat give you head butts?

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