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Woman Accidentally Mails Her Cat Along with Some DVDs

Photo via Grove Lodge Veterinary Clinic

Photo via Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

It’s no secret that cats love boxes. That’s why we aren’t surprised that a Siamese cat in Britain named Cupcake climbed into a box of DVD’s her owner was packing up to put in the mail.

Cupcake’s owner, Julie Baggott, didn’t notice she had climbed into the box – so Cupcake went on an 8-day, 260-mile journey across England. Imagine how surprised the recipient was when a Siamese cat emerged from the box of DVDs they ordered!

The surprised recipient called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and they took the kitty to Grove Lodge Veterinary Group. Fortunately for Cupcake, she had a microchip that brought up contact information for Baggott – who was (as you can imagine) frantically searching for her lost cat!

Cupcake was extremely dehydrated after her journey, but she’s fully recovered and was returned to her owner.

Grove Lodge Veterinary Group said,

This is probably one of the most extraordinary stories any of us at Grove Lodge Vets has ever heard. The serious side of this incredible journey is that poor Cupcake was extremely dehydrated and has required intensive treatment to ensure she recovers fully. However, she seems quite relaxed and unconcerned and is sitting in her kennel in our cat ward waiting for her family.

Her owners will be travelling down to collect her shortly and were absolutely delighted to hear that Cupcake is safe and well. We would never have been able to reunite Cupcake with her grateful owners had it not been for her microchip – another story with a happy ending brought about by a microchip!


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